Writing the Best Messages for Corporate ECards

Truly, someone like you or me sitting at a desk somewhere rattling off messages on a notepad will find it easier to push the task to someone else than spending time writing boring messages on greeting cards.

In fact, print cards with typical messages or those that are overdone often end-up in the shelves of people, don’t move for long, and at last end up going to the bin, often sealed. If you are amongst those worrying about this happening to the cards you invest so much in, fret not; corporate eCards are there to save you.

While you now have an option to dodge typical print cards and design beautiful, customized corporate eCards to be sent to your professional contact, a lot of people find it difficult to write nice personal notes or message in the cards. The key to making your card interesting is including a message that has a touch of fun but the professional etiquettes remain unharmed. The message you include in your corporate eCards can work wonders if well-put.

This may sound overpowering, but here’s the good news:

By the time you’ve finished reading this article, you’ll know how to create the best messages for your corporate eCards. These messages will make your cards outshine all the rest your recipients will receive while conveying warmth and value to them.

The Dos and Don’ts of Corporate ECards

This one is critical and crucial —even the most delicious spices won’t make the food taste great in case you use them incorrectly. Along these lines, there are a few things you need to think about composing a message for your corporate eCards. Begin by understanding “how to state it” and “how not to state it.”


  • Start the message on your corporate eCard with a seasonal expression or appropriate occasion greeting. For example, you can begin a letter with “Seasonal greetings to you!” This will let readers know immediately that you’re sending an occasional greeting and not something to promote your business.
  • Express appreciation for the person you’re writing to (and their business) and express your desire of being of service to them in the future or vice versa. This adds a personalized touch to your corporate eCards.
  • Wish your professional contacts happiness, success, health, and prosperity. For example, you can write something like, “All the best for your endeavors in 2018” or simply “All the best for your future endeavors.”


  • Don’t let your vacation greeting be the only thing you want to say or convey. A corporate eCard should express something about your or their business and let us tell you, a card with JUST a greeting is worse than sending no card at all. Make it personal by adding particular messages to everyone. Include details that show you know the person and their organization.
  • Don’t send a corporate eCard to only share a news or brag about your success.
  • Don’t transform your corporate eCard into an aggressive sales promotion activity. As much as you can, avoid adding promotional or marketing content in the card. Instead, add something about your business or your relationship with the recipient.

While these tips can surely help you write nice, effective messages, you can also take help from the templates such as those available at Corporate Holiday ECards. Check now!

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