Why use an E-Card over a Print Card?

After years of sending out print cards for the holidays, invites, or thank-yous, you may wonder: why would I switch to an e-card? You may think that because your company has always sent print cards, and the main advantages that e-cards have over traditional print card are increased creativity, cost efficiency, and environmental impacts.

The first thing that stands out when comparing an e-card to a print card is the ability to create an immersive, eye-catching presentation for the viewer or recipient. When you think of a print card, there a few staple elements: a front cover with a graphic or image and an intro message, and an inside space with a print message (or blank space to write entirely your own). While print cards can differentiate themselves with graphics, they can only go so far in creating interest for the recipient. E-Cards, especially animated e-cards, on the other have the advantage of using multiple images, animations, animated text, and music. All of these elements work together to create sleek multimedia experience that captures a recipient in a way that a traditional print card cannot.

Beyond the rich-media experience, and why more and more business are opting for this digital route, is because e-cards often provide a greater cost-per unit value for over print cards. This is especially true for companies who often send out thousands of print cards to clients, customers or colleagues during the holidays. For example, if a company typically sends 10,000 holiday cards, with the additional mail costs and labor, the cost is easily multiple thousands of dollars. With e-cards, there is usually a set base price, ranging from a few hundred dollars to the low-thousands. This means that the more e-card recipients you have, the lower the cost per-unit is. And even if a company cannot e-mail the e-cards themselves (which would save even more money), the cost for the e-card vendor to do so still allows the cost per-unit to remain relatively low.

Beyond the cost, e-cards are beneficial in many eyes as they are the “eco-choice” for holiday greetings. As e-cards are 100% digital from design to delivery, there are no materials wasted in production process or the final product. For print cards, if you are again, say, sending to 10,000 recipients, that’s 10,000 cards and envelopes that eventually end up in a landfill. With the use of an e-card, trees are saved and waste is eliminated. This gives the benefit of being an environmentally-conscious company, as well as the byproduct of positive public relation that accompanies it. Essentially, the company is doing the right thing, and this reflects well in the eyes of your customers and colleagues.

Why would you switch to an e-card?

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