Why Have E-Cards Taken Over Traditional Corporate Greeting Cards?

The fact that we rarely find any handmade or store-bought cards nowadays, let alone receive a good amount of them, is becoming rare, and most likely we’d blame electronic greeting card options for the decline of traditional greeting card industry. Welcome to 21st century where evolution became faster and more rapid than people have seen in any other time, and with technological advancements with such a fast pace, it is impossible to not go with the flow- even if it’s about corporate greeting cards.

And let’s face it, our clients are all tech savvy too (well, most of them) and who wouldn’t understand the electronic language of greetings that speaks out for itself ‘convenient, less time consuming and simple’. Some of the major reasons why traditional greeting cards have been taken over in the B2B industry by the corporate e-cards are:

1.   Ease of Personalization

One of the major reasons why e-cards have swept off traditional corporate greeting cards is the ease of personalization. Sending store brought cards to customers would never be the same as adding personalized images or messages to it to make it more special and totally in accordance with the event and the type of message that has to be sent for it. This is one of the ways to make clients feel special as the personalization is for them exclusively and means more than the standard greeting messages on traditional cards. Custom greetings, personalized messages according to client, and addition of images and graphics are the elements that give e-card an edge over the traditional cards.

2.   They’re Speedy


The speed of the e-cards is one of the reasons why these have gained popularity over time, over traditional corporate greeting cards. So, if the case with you is that you recall at eleventh hour about a client that you’ve missed out while sending greetings, so there’s no need to panic over the time that a mail order would take to deliver your card; it’s just one click away.

3.   E-Card Analytics Are Helpful

Since you have no idea why your card never reached your client, was it the wrong address mentioned or the card was lost by the postman; however, with corporate e-cards, you can surely track the transition process until it is not only received but also opened by the receiver. The analytics available at different e-card websites are a helpful tool to track your e-card and receive delivery notifications via email to ensure the card has reached the desired address and also has been viewed.

4.   Cost Effectiveness


The cost effectiveness of the corporate e-cards is also one of the reasons behind their popularity, with all the time taken to choose the desired one (more caution in corporate matters as compared to personal ones), thus it gets easier and consumes less cost of time and postal charges.

And not to miss out the fact that e-cards do not waste paper, thus saving so many trees which would have otherwise been slashed to make your formal greeting cards. The benefits of e-cards have taken over the industry of traditional corporate greeting cards and they are still moving towards advancements.

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