Why E-Cards are the Environmentally Friendly Choice

One of the aspects that drive businesses toward using e-cards is their implied “eco-friendliness”. Many corporate e-card vendors use this as a main selling point as to why businesses should choose e-cards over traditional print cards. And really, it’s hard to argue against that point. Many companies see this is as a huge positive when deciding which type of holiday greetings campaign to use. The reason? The use of e-cards over print cards saves both raw materials and production resources, allowing a company to promote a green platform and increase their social responsibility.

On the surface, it’s easy to see why e-cards are viewed as environmentally friendly compared to print greeting cards. Print cards use both paper and ink products for the card, envelope, and stamp. When you consider that most medium-to-large businesses send hundreds, thousands, or tens of thousands of greeting cards to their customers and colleagues during the holidays, the amount of paper products used really ads up. And of course, the more paper products that are used, the more trees are needed for their raw material. E-card vendor eco2greetings states on their website: “Over 10 billion cards produced by the greeting cards industry creates annual deforestation of hundreds of thousands of trees that are no longer able to offset out CO2 emissions”. As you can see, the environmental impact of print cards is not to be taken lightly. What adds to this is what happens a few weeks after the recipient receives a print card: it’s thrown in the trash and added to our overcrowded landfills. On top of all of this is the cost and fuel spent in delivering the cards through the mail system. In the end, the use of print cards lead to a giant cycle of waste.

E-cards on the other hand use no paper products – not in the production process, nor end product. As e-cards are created and delivered digitally, no physical materials are wasted, and fuel is not used in their delivery. While there is obviously energy use involved due to e-cards being sent and viewed electronically, the amount of energy used compared to sending the a print card is miniscule. This leads to a product that any company can proudly use to promote a green agenda that they have initiated. Many companies even state directly in their e-card’s text that they’ve decided to use an e-card in order to prevent waste and promote eco-friendliness. Beyond the satisfaction of doing the right thing, this promotion in turn can provide valuable positive PR and give the image of your company as being socially responsible and caring.

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