Why Choose Animated Ecards over Static Ecards

Sometimes a simple word of thank you or congratulations is not enough to show your gratitude and happiness; you need some medium through which you can express your feelings justly. E-cards make amazing use of digital media to provide adequate and timely solution for this.

E-cards are available in two main types; static and animated. Static e-cards are non-animated e-cards, consisting of usually a single image with a greeting or message written on it. While, animated e-cards are more appealing e-cards with motion graphics and music.

Both, static and animated e-cards, can serve the purpose of a greeting card but animated e-cards provide you with many more options to express your emotions. Static e-cards are less expensive but have limited options.

Types of Animated E-cards

Different types of animated e-cards have evolved because of introduction of new technology. Many more options are available in animated e-cards today. We are discussing some types of animated e-cards to introduce you to different options that animated e-cards offer.

Flash E-cards (The Past)

Flash e-cards use to be the preferred format for animated e-cards sent. With Flash e-cards, a short animation combined with music to create a nice visual and audible experience was the typical formula.  Now, with Adobe Flash losing market share over the years and the rise of HTML5, this formula for designing e-cards has move to HTML5 Video.

HTML5 Video E-cards (The Present & Future)

Video e-cards are mini movies which contain graphics, text greetings and music. HTML5 Video is the latest format and the most commonly used type of animated e-card today.

HTML5 E-cards using the Canvas Tag (The Present & Future)

HTML5 e-cards are designed using the HTML5 canvas tag, CSS3 and Javascript.  There are software packages that allow you to create HTML5 animations in an easy-to-understand authoring environment.  They can also be designed by hand-coding animations.  HTML5 E-Cards using the canvas tag are more common for e-cards that are interactive.

Benefits of Animated E-Cards

Animated e-cards for business contain animated graphics, videos and/or music. Because of the complexity, the animated e-cards are usually more pleasing to the viewer. Animated e-cards offer much more options of personalization; pictures, video clips, and audio clips can be added.

Adding music to your customized animated e-card improves the overall experience for the recipient. You can select a sound track, which complements the mood of the recipient, to add a feeling of warmth and affection to your e-card.

Animated e-cards present you with the opportunity to add personal pictures, which can help you in designing a perfect birthday card for a friend or family member. Page timing may also be adjusted in animated e-cards; so if you want to emphasize on some picture you can adjust the time length of that page. Music track may also be changed with each page.

There is no match to feelings expressed in words, but if you face trouble in expressing your feelings then animated e-cards may be the perfect option for you to convey your messages to your colleagues or loved ones. A beautifully designed personalized animated e-card can always truly reflect your feelings and make them heard.

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