When to Use Email Marketing

Email marketing is a key marketing technique used by consumer marketers for years. It became of part of marketing campaigns amid the 1990s and has been ruling the marketing world since then.

A couple of years after its introduction, the technique showed B2B marketers the difference it can make and compelled them to use it to discover its value. While today it is an important marketing tool for all types of businesses at all stages in every industry, several businesses are just starting to consider it.

With email marketing, you can:

  • Cultivate leads
  • Shape brand awareness
  • Acquire prospects
  • Increase customer loyalty
  • Generate sales

With a single campaign and since the results can be measured quickly, email marketing can prove to be a great option for time-sensitive plans. With little or no cost involved and no real technicalities to understand, you can use your creativity to present yourself to the public and produce results.

When to Use Email Marketing

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Email marketing can be used when your goals include one or all of the following:

1. Generate New Leads  
  • Send a short but interesting message to your readers to generate interest in your services or products
  • Include links that lead prospects to visit a special page on your website or download a demo or take a look at an offer
  • Get hold of basic information of the readers and when needed, follow up several days later via calls
2. Direct Sales
  • To generate direct sales, purchase or rent a list of subscribers or simply send your offer/content to current and potential customers
  • Through your content, push buyers to click on your website to know more or make a purchase
3. Build Brand Awareness
  • Use your emails to stay connected with your existing and prospective customers
  • Distribute information that is relevant, authentic, and valuable to the readers so that the readers feel the need to read your emails fully
  • Include special offers and hot news about your company or anything relevant but don’t forget to drive away from the main point

Remember, email marketing is less of advertisement and more editorial pieces. It is an impactful technique because it supports and drives the sales process for businesses. There is just one thing you need to worry about and that is how you can make your email stand out amongst the hundreds of emails your buyers receive every day.

You need to have strong offers, precise and catchy subject lines and content, appropriate design, and a decent fulfillment and measurement process.

Before You Begin

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Before you begin making and using your email marketing plan, make sure you have the information and data you need to accurately distribute your emails. Below is how you should start.

1. Develop your campaign around specific goals

The process of email marketing is not something that should be improvised. Take sufficient time to plan and strategize things. Develop tangible objective, segment and target your audience, create a good offer and catchy content, plan how frequently these emails will be sent, and at last, never fail to fulfill what your promise.

2. Invest in good content

Good content is the key to anything that is composed in black and white and emails are one such thing. If you fail to entertain the readers or compel them to read thoroughly, it simply means that the content included wasn’t interesting enough. This could be analyzed by the responses you get and website data.

3. Choose the right technology

Choosing the right technology is imperative when using email marketing. Even with the best content and perfect goals, you can’t achieve what you desire if the technology selected fails to deliver your message the way you want.

Usea reputable email service provider (ESP) which enables you to stay in compliance with the rules of spamming and gets your messages to the readers easily.An ESP you choose should be able to raise the delivery rate, manage the opt-in and opt-out process, and provides timely reports containing reader’s stats.

After Your Email Marketing Campaign

Your job isn’t over even after the campaign has been successfully carried out. You need to continue to watchfully measure the outcomes and keep learning from the failures/drawbacks to improve your campaigns. Compare your results with the campaigns carried out by other B2B or B2C businesses. You will have plenty of examples to learn from.

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