When Sending Business Ecards, Be Sure to Follow Proper Etiquette!

Corporate ecards are a great way of sharing cordial wishes, getting back in touch with your business contacts and remembering your customers as well as colleagues in joyous occasions. However, not following the proper etiquette for sending ecards and expressing your wishes can backfire and your personal message may lose the meaning with which it was sent.

Here are a few simple guidelines that one should follow when sending business e-cards on popular occasions and holidays. Take a look:

Make a Professional yet Personal Impression

When it comes to the etiquette for sending ecards, professionalism and respect are perhaps the most important factors to consider. Adding a personal message to corporate ecards will make them more relatable for the recipient and serve the purpose of establishing loyalty and respect.

Quality Matters!

Choose corporate ecards that are high quality, unique and in line with your brand image and business values. Sending too flashy business e-cards may sometimes send the wrong message, while going too boring and bland is also not a good idea! Stay neutral with attractive, professional and engaging ecards that say more in fewer words!

Know The Recipient!

When sending over business e-cards, make sure that you know your recipients and don’t end up offending them with the wrong greeting. For example, people from diverse cultural groups often work together in corporate settings, and while some may celebrate one occasion, others may not. For example if you are sending an ecard for Christmas, the proper etiquette would be selecting a neutral theme celebrating the spirit of holidays rather than going for Christmas-specific images that may clash with the religious and cultural beliefs of your contacts.

Use Proper Spellings and Salutations

A lot can go wrong if you misspell your recipient’s name or address when sending the card. Go over spellings and make sure that they are error free before finalizing your list of corporate ecards. Also, using salutations like Ms. And Mr. will add a respectful element to your card.

Pay Attention to Your Contact List

Double check your contact list before you send your business e-cards. Have you updated your mailing list recently? Are you sending the right card to the right person? Make sure you don’t miss out on important contacts and send greetings to everyone for a positive approach. Also, double check whether the person you are sending the card to is at the same address or associated with the same company etc.

Timing is Crucial

Last but not the least, proper etiquette for sending ecards dictates that you send your corporate ecards at the right time and don’t get too late in expressing your wishes. The advantage of business e-cards is that you save on the time and hassles involved with regular postage and traditional mail, but still, go for a proactive approach and send your cards as soon as possible to wish your clients and customers at the right moment!

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