What is E-Card Hosting?

While researching corporate e-cards, you may have come across the term “hosting” a lot. But what exactly does it mean, and how it relates to e-cards? Not to be confused with the e-mail delivery aspect of e-cards, E-Card Hosting is the placement of your e-card files online, on a website or web server. Dynamic e-cards, such as animated Flash or video, need to be hosted in order to be viewed on the web, and thus, shared with your e-card recipients.

Hosting can either be provided by your e-card vendor, or set up on your own end. E-Card vendors that provide simple, do-it-yourself products often include hosting in the base price of their e-cards. However, vendors that offer more complex e-cards, and thus, ones with larger file sizes (such as Flash or video), typically offer hosting for an additional fee. The cost is usually based on the number of recipients that you plan to send the e-card to. If you want to save some money, your best bet is to simply host the e-card yourself. If your company has a website, then hosting an e-card should not be a problem. The e-card vendor will provide you with the e-card files, and your webmaster or IT department will upload the files to a folder on your site.

The end result, whether hosting with the e-card vendor or your IT, will be a web link that you can use to place in the e-mails to your recipient. An example of such a link would be something like http://www.companyxyz.com/happyholidays. When placed in your e-mails, the recipient should be instructed to click on the link to launch your e-card in their web browser.

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