The Evolution of Video Marketing

Whether it is about promoting your business, building customer loyalty, increase customer retention, or increase sales, videos can help you achieve them all. For almost every business, digital marketing has now become an important component of marketing strategy and for some it has even become the ‘only’ marketing technique because of its effectiveness.

Digital marketing-related activities have evolved over the years. Today, video marketing is the most celebrated marketing technique and is doing wonders for numerous bid and small businesses. It is unquestionably one of the most useful tools in digital marketing.

Videos ruled the Internet, they still do, and always will – every research proves it. They are the future of marketing and you shouldn’t miss the train.

But what made video marketing so popular? What was wrong with still images? You will know it all here.

Fashion Follows Technology

A prominent reason why still imagery became so common is because it is easy to capture images or create them online and publish them. With the introduction of advanced gadgets such as tablets and smartphone, even kids today are able to take high-resolution pictures – the activity that was earlier only limited to professional photographers – and that too faster than ever before.

And the widely available, free of cost photo editing software are just the cherries on the top that enabled normal people with zero photography exposure and education turn into photographers by clicking decent pictures. Consequently, the overabundance of ordinary still images soaked the essence out and diminished the attention-getting power of still images.

‘Picture paints a thousand words’ – this may be true and if it is, a short video can literally paint 5000 or more. No kidding!

Video marketing is worth far more than marketing done through visuals/images. In fact, it has become an important part of our lives and the supremacy of video marketing only grows as zillions watch, share, and create them.

A Trip down the Lane

Video marketing is not something that was introduced in this decade only. Here are some major highlights in the evolution of video marketing as an effective marketing technique.

Year 2005 – The Beginning of an Era

Year 2005 was debatably the most important one for video marketing because of the launch of YouTube. The platform deeply strengthened the concept of digital marketing and brought online video revolution while encouraging the masses to watch and share viral videos on top of advertising the videos they made with the amazing platform.

This was when people realized the effect of video marketing had on audiences. The platform influenced professional and big corporations to utilize the medium and create videos for the purpose of ‘video marketing’.

In 2006, it was Google who appreciated the significance of video marketing and ended up buying YouTube for a price of $1.65 billion. With this, big companies such as Dove, Old Spice, and Evian decided to take on the powerful technique that video marketing instantly turned out to be.

These giants created powerful, winning video marketing campaigns that moved billions and compelled them to do adopt the trend. These amazing videos were not only watched worldwide but were shared too igniting global discussion which ultimately increased brand awareness and publicity.

But video marketing wasn’t only benefiting the brands…

In 2007, the famous “Charlie Bit My Finger” video made rounds on the internet. The video spread like a fire and earned a whopping $150,000 for the family from a single 56-second video.

By 2011, there was an overall increase of 20% in the utilization of the idea of video marketing and this only grew continually with videos responsible for a hefty proportion of the overall internet traffic by 2014. By this time, the world got numerous stars which YouTube created itself. Vloggers such as “Zoella” became one of the biggest hits due to viral contribution to the videos online.

There on, the video marketing technique only kept on gaining more popularity. In the past few years, the technique has matured and isn’t only limited to viral videos. Video marketing campaigns can bring about huge changes in your business’s reputation, sales, and growth if the technique is well-planned and correctly used.

Are you thinking of switching to video marketing over using still images?

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