Video Email Marketing – Setting Yourself Apart In the Inbox

Video email marketing is a powerful tool. Everyone needs more clicks, more views, more conversion rate, more response rate, and more sales and one thing that can get businesses all of these things is effective video email marketing.

Here, the effectiveness of your video email marketing depends on your video content.

Fortune included video marketing amongst the “Top 15 Trends Every Business Leader Should Watch in 2017” – it is that important and powerful. According to the article, the ever-increasing popularity of videos has led the industry giants and brands to look “new, innovative ways to capture an audience’s attention through video.”

Videos with good content when get coupled with emails often result in the highest ROI any marketing strategy can bring. Truth be told, video email marketing is an amazing tool to add to your campaigns.

How Video Email Marketing Helps

· It is more interactive

This is a digital age and the fact is unquestionable. If you want to reach your clients or prospects, you have to go digital too and invest your time and money with digital solutions that reach people wherever they are.

The key to doing this is being more interactive and making your content catchy, engaging, and easy-to-understand. An email with a conversation captured on video briefing about the details or your products/services is much more attractive and personal than seeing words on a screen.

You’re showing them the real face of your company — your employees and the ambiance, standards, and business itself.

Marie Forleo, an American life coach, used and is still using video email marketing to build her own brand. It was so helpful that she is known for her role in creating awareness of the use of videos in emails. With this, she has already reached around 350,000 followers on YouTube which is still increasing.

· It bring more shares

Most videos in emails are based on how-to tutorials, entertaining content, or enlightening messages. The inclusion of these videos increases the odds of your message/email being shared and ultimately markets your business/services/products to more people.

· It differentiates you

The key to marketing is increasing client engagement, attracting prospects, and retaining existing clients. The more you’re able to do so, the better your market your business and the more it grows. Video email marketing will also do that for you very easily.

· Videos move people and have a lasting impact

The impression you leave is an essential part of marketing campaigns and it turns out that viewers are more likely to remember and recall your business/brand if there is a video in the email as compared to emails without them.

There have been numerous researches in the past which prove how animated graphics are better remembered for long as compared to text-based messages or advertisement that are soon forgotten.

Factually speaking, 90 percent of all information sent to the brain is visual. So, why not focus on the bigger portion than the other 10% which might already be full?

Practices to Avoid in Video Email Marketing

  1. Don’t add “Click here” options
  2. Avoid using the word “Test” in the subject line
  3. Avoid unnecessary exclamation points
  4. Do not use UPPERCASE for text in the videos
  5. Avoid using too many colors or extra-bright colors
  6. Use more text with HTML emails because spam filters cannot read images and will send it to spam if there is no or less text


Today, upbeat trends in video email marketing are making rounds on the internet and are being widely used to engage audiences. For best results, businesses are strongly recommended to incorporate this tool in their professional emails to make the messages impressive and more powerful. By following the points discussed in here and the benefits, you will certainly be able to plan video email marketing better!

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