How to Effectively Use Videos in Your Email Marketing

Email has a little bit of standing for being old-school. In fact, some people think that the whole idea is obsolete.

But what if we tell you email is still amongst effective marketing tools and is very much alive? Many social media gurus have even initiated training programs to encourage effective use of video email marketing.

It took everyone a while but today, a lot will endorse how emails are amongst the biggest ROI drivers for businesses.

With just a bit of imagination, creativity, and clever tactics, emails can be made the most powerful marketing technique for a company. And video email marketing is a key example of this.

Find out how you can effectively use videos in emails for marketing purposes.

Video Email Marketing


Research suggests that video email marketing can almost triple the ROI as compared to the static emails. Video emails unveil opportunities for communication that words can’t lay a hand on and that even stationary images can’t strike. In fact, as per 2014 Online Video Marketing Survey and Trends Report, 82% of the marketers say video email marketing is very effective.

So the idea that video email marketing is just like outdated typewriters and a fax machine is itself just a fallacy.

You can use videos in email in 3 ways:

  • Embedded videos
  • Animated gifs
  • Cinemagraphs

Even though not everyone can see embedded videos, doesn’t mean you can’t or won’t include them while a few of you will only be experimental enough to try just animated gifs.

Using Videos in Email Marketing For the Best Results


1)   Personalized Video Messages

Many business are happy with the minimal conversion rates which they get by sending bespoke, highly crafted cold emails (without videos) to just the right people.

Even though it is a safe choice for business to do so, a special videotaped message could be all they need to pass through the spam filter and actually get the attention of the recipients.

If it is hard to add a full video in emails, you can even send an email containing a static image that directs to a page with the actual video upon being clicked.

2)   Customer Services’ Display

Videos in emails are not always used to market yourself to the prospects or partners; you can even use them to deliver superior customer services which will ultimately serve the marketing purpose too. For example if you are selling a product and a customer has a problem, the customer service department or team can make short videos to explain them what to do to get it resolved.

This saves you from writing long emails and explaining different components/parts of the product, is more helpful to customers, and markets your business without making it too obvious.

3)   Special Messages

Of course sending email greeting or special messages to your partners/clients is one of the best ways you grab their attention. While a lot of people choose to send greeting cards or plain-text emails, we wish they knew the power of personalized or customized videos in emails.

Small things such as greetings on anniversary of your business partnership with someone, congratulatory message on an achievement of your partner, or a sweet thanking message sent on the 5th purchase a customer makes will make a huge difference when there is a video message specially recorded for them.

Apart from the above given 3 useful uses of video email marketing, you can use it to share an achievement in form of an interesting case-study, to display customer testimonials, or as a teaser for people to something big such as an upcoming event to increase engagement.

Even if you’re not inclined to add embedded videos, the intermittent use of a well-made animated gif or a cinemagraph might be all you need to lift conversion and response rates for you just when your business needs it.

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