Evaluation Criteria for Video Email Marketing Platform

A few years back, adding videos in emails used to be a completely manual procedure not to mention, quite a complicated one too!  Today, however, everything has revolutionized and so has video email marketing with new tools that make it easy to insert and send videos in emails.

Regardless of whether it is a basic video email thumbnail formation, animated gifs, video making and sending, or the inclusion of personalized videos in emails, you have a variety of tools to choose from. This article summarizes the evaluation criteria for the selection of a right video email marketing platform based on the tools you need.

Criteria for the Selection of a Video Email Marketing Platform

Your evaluation for selection of a video email marketing platform should be based on the following tools.

1. Video Hosting and Sharing with Thumbnail Output

Choose a platform which allows you to:

  • Easily upload video clips
  • Set a thumbnail image
  • Generate an embeddable thumbnail
  • Place the thumbnail in a HTML email

Besides, check how the full lifecycle of content is managed by the platform. Your video email marketing continues to grow in size and intricacy and so it is important to ascertain if the platform is accessible and easy to use.

2. Video Thumbnail Conception

Decide how you want to design a video thumbnail to be placed in the email. Check if it is easy-to-drag-and-drop elements placed on a canvas, animated gifs, or text with audio tracks. Also see if the thumbnails are optimized for famed email platforms such as MailChimp, Marketo, or HubSpot.

3. Creation and Distribution of Video Content

Ask yourself a few questions:

  • Does the tool you are choosing allow you to capture video from a webcam and post to email for immediate send?
  • Does the process have built-in email send functionality?
  • Is it easy for the tool to integrate with Outlook and Gmail?
  • Are there templates for specific types of videos; for example, promotional videos, sales rep, how-to etc.?
  • Is there an auto-generated video playback page?
4. Personalization of the Content

Check if the platform you are about to settle on provides content personalization and if it can send the emails by direct integration with email platforms. It should also have the propensity to generate videos for the contacts on a sheet without needing manual input.

5. Performance and Engagement

The tool you choose should be able to give you the highlights on the reach and engagement of your emails. It should give you analytics on video engagement in the email such as conversion rates. The analytics should be real-time and send alerts via SMS of a native application. If you need individual analytics of a specific person viewing videos too, see if the tool has it.

6. Collaboration

The tools should:

  • Have options that allow teams and individuals to create and send their own video emails
  • Allow various team members to collaborate or share video content
  • Be easy to limit or grant access to various system roles
7. Integration

The tool you select should allow easy integration with other online video platforms (OVP) such as Vidyard, Wistia, and other premium OVPs to easily push the finished content out to be published. In addition, check if Single Sign-On solutions are connected with the user management system.

8. Security

Security is last on this list but a very important criterion to select video email marketing tool. See if the tool is secure and encrypted to keep your content safe. Check if it protects individual videos and emails and if the user access can be easily granted and revoked by the administrators.

If you across a platform that meets the above-given criteria, it will deliver the best results and make your video email marketing campaign a huge success.

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