Using Social Media in an E-Card

One of the most useful aspects of corporate e-cards is that they allow for you to promote your company and brand. This is accomplished through the use of your logo, corporate colors, company images, website links, and increasingly, by incorporating social media. Nowadays, many companies take advantage of Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and YouTube (and many others) in order to gather marketing statistics and promote their company. Corporate e-cards are the perfect vehicle to aid in this promotion and increase the footprint of your social media campaigns.

A vendor offering business ecards should allow for social media integration as an optional aspect of the e-card project. So if you would like to incorporate your company’s social media, be sure to request it, or choose the option online if it’s an automated service. The e-card vendors integrate social media through the use of clickable platform-specific icons placed within e-card. For static e-cards, the icons many appear anywhere on the single graphic, but for dynamic animated e-cards, they’re typically at the end of the e-card accompanying the link to your website. You will specify to your vendor which social media platforms that you use, and provide the links to their specific pages. Most vendors allow for anywhere from two to six social media icons to be placed in an e-card, so this should give enough options if your company uses multiple platforms. When your recipients receive your e-card, they will be able to click on the icons to automatically launch the specified social media platform in their web browser.

In this end, this use of social media has two main benefits. First, including these links in your e-card exposes your social media campaigns to a large audience. This is especially beneficial if you’ve just launched a new platform, say a Pinterest account, and want to promote it. Secondly, a byproduct of point one is that it allows you to potentially gain new followers or “likes” from the increased exposure. These new connections will provide valuable marketing data from your e-card recipients. In addition, and the actual amount of clicks that your social media icons receive can even allow you to gauge how many people interacted with your e-card, and thus, how successful the e-card campaign was.

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