Big Brands That Have Mastered Using GIFs in Email Marketing

Using GIFs in email marketing is one of the simplest things you can do to really make your message that much more effective for your partners and customers. This is an amazing way to bring your emails to life without putting in too much of effort.

It’s a fun and easy approach to experimenting with things that get the attention of your audience. They break up the content, walk your users through the applications, display your products and services nicely, and can even visualize data.





It’s established that GIFs make things more interesting but the key is to use relevant GIF images unless the content is generic.

There are some big brands that have put in the extra time to understand the best use of this marketing tool. Every day these brands are coming up with new ways and ideas to catch the audience’s attention and deliver their messages effectively.

Here are a few examples.

1. BBC

From the edge-to-edge chunks of colors to untried layouts and the use of live text, there are infinite ways BBC is making the most of GIFs in email marketing, but the major highlight is the use of GIF images.  In most emails, you’re likely to notice GIF images with animated text or the main (relevant) picture with movement.

2. MOO

MOO is another big brand which creates fantastic blends of GIF images and content in their emails. The way these images are integrated into the emails is simply phenomenal. The tidy layout and catchy CTA do wonders for them.

3. Quartz

Quartz is probably the only brand using the standard GIPHY GIFs but in a completely new and interesting way. They use the idea of adding GIFs in email marketing as the header images. You have to admit that it’s very creative.

4. Nest

Nest has taken the use of GIF images in email marketing to a whole new level. They keep surprising the world with their new ideas and coding techniques. Their emails of special days and events such as the 4th of July and Black Friday have the best use of GIF images.

5. Headspace

Headspace has a different strategy; it uses a host of funny GIF images in email marketing. They clearly understand the power of humor! Since their emails are very simple and straightforward, the GIF images add the X-factor that keep their audience interested.

6. Uber

If it is about mastering the art of subtle GIFs in email marketing, there is perhaps no one who can outshine Uber. The design they launched in 2017 to celebrate the new year added additional flamboyance to their emails.

7. Netflix

A perfect example of a brand thinking out of the box to use GIFs in email marketing is Netflix. The GIFs that this popular brand creates for email marketing are ones you can’t get your eyes off of. They have transformed the whole concept of email design using GIF images and most businesses actually look forward to opening Netflix emails to see what is new.

Which of the above brands inspire you the most? Take notes and start working today to surprise your audiences with something interesting and unique.


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