Using E-Cards for Human Resources Departments

Employee recognition is one of the many duties that a company’s human resources department provides. Employee recognition is a form of positive reinforcement that rewards employees for loyalty and excellence in their contribution to the company. While formal recognition such as awards or dinners are fantastic ways to acknowledge achievements, smaller, or informal forms of recognition are very effective in showing appreciation and boosting employee morale. Such informal forms of recognition can include small gifts such as company branded merchandise, sweets, or greeting cards. As traditional print cards are increasingly replaced by e-cards, they are one product that HR departments can really take advantage of as a new type of informal recognition. In this post, I’ll discuss how e-cards can be used by human resource departments and what advantages they bring.

In essence, an e-card can be re-purposed as a form of internal communications for HR departments. It can be sent through company e-mail to individual employees, departments, or an entire office in order to deliver a message. The message could be a thank you for hard work, an announcement of a new hire or promotion, celebrating work anniversaries, employee birthdays, or the birth of an employee’s child, or farewells and retirements. Sending employee e-cards for these occasions allows HR to provide an attention-grabbing, classy, or entertaining way to make announcements or reward contributions.

The best way for HR departments to accomplish this would be to use an e-card vendor that has an automated system set-up for online e-card creation. Companies like Ekarda and Encore Ecards provide such systems, where you purchase credits that allow you to create a set number of templated e-cards, depending on how many credits you buy. You then choose specific e-card designs and customize their text, color, images and logo. After you’ve automatically deliver them from the vendors’ online e-mailing systems to the intended employee e-mail addresses. The systems are painless, relatively inexpensive, and fast – you can often create and deliver and e-card within 10 minutes. This allows you to tackle all of the employee recognition occasions that may come up efficiently, as well as wow both the employees and executives with a professional graphics presentation.

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