Tips To Launch a Successful Ecard Campaign

With excessive use of hi-tech gadgets and social networks by Millennials, businesses today look for the most powerful yet cost-effective ways to sell and promote their brands. One such marketing tool is business ecards.

As the name suggests, an ecard is the digital version of a greeting card or a postcard. As compared to traditional paper cards, ecards are convenient, environmentally friendly, and inexpensive. Moreover, ecards help businesses connect effectively with clients to promote their business.

So, how do you get started on creating an ‘out-of-the-box’ ecard campaign for charity or the launch of a new product?

Here is our list to help businesses launch valuable ecard campaigns to boost sales and retain customers:

Concept Matters

An entertaining corporate ecard with a personal touch will be of interest to your customers. Concept is key – it should be clever and engaging. Tell a compelling story to your target audience to evoke their emotions. The idea is to sell your brand in the best way possible so that they remember you. Be memorable.

Be Innovative

There is no guarantee that your client will even bother to check your ecard. Hence, avoid run-of-the-mill ideas. You want to grab your clients’ attention with the ecard you send. If you’re sending an ecard via email, come up with a catchy, intriguing subject line. Don’t go for standard subject lines, such as ‘Merry Christmas’. Put some thought into the overall message and design layout of the ecard. Be different.

Educate your Audience

If the ecard is for a charitable cause, educate your audience with an interesting fact about the charitable organization. Furthermore, insert a question about the charitable organization with its answer on the back of the card to keep the reader engaged. Your goal should be to stir their curiosity.

Quality over Quantity

Do not bombard your clients’ inbox with innumerable ecards. That will just annoy them and may compel them to block you. More importantly, endeavor to respond to your clients’ replies on time.

Choose the right Distribution Channel

Not too long ago, supermarkets used to be the main distribution channel for selling greeting cards. Nowadays, there is a plethora of distribution channels, including blogs, video, mobile ecards, that businesses could explore to reach out to their clients. Use the distribution channel that maximizes your revenues and minimizes operation costs.

Make use of Social Media

Make full use of this powerful marketing tool. Choose a suitable social media platform (Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest) and post your ecard with a personalized message. Posting ecards on Facebook will help generate awareness.

Remember to use the same username on all the platforms so that it is easy for clients to find and follow you. Also, add hash tags to increase searchability.

In today’s fragile economic times, everything comes down to how you sell your brand to your target market. Undoubtedly, ecards play a pivotal role in your marketing strategy, so focus on delivering a campaign that is appealing to your customers and keeps them engaged.

Do you take the time to find cost-effective ways to sell and promote your brands?

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