The Ultimate Guide to Scripting Video Emails for Sales Engagement

Video email marketing is a powerful marketing technique and a tool that is known for its power to increase sales.

It allows sales professionals to bind and build customer loyalty all through the sales process. Be it the marketing videos being sent to the prospects or recorded video voicemail emails, videos have the ability to shorten sales cycles and impel revenue.

In this article, we have listed down 7 techniques to successfully script of video email intended for sales engagement. The article talks about the content side of video for sales and tells you how to write winning sales video scripts to create engagement and build trust/loyalty by sending video emails with clear messages. Read on!

1. Keep it short

Since viewers don’t tend to stay on a page with lengthy scripts and long videos, keep the video as short as possible, approximately 30 to 60 seconds. The sole purpose of sending videos in emails is to increase sales engagement, so be more qualitative than quantitative. A video that is unnecessarily long can push the viewers to bounce away.

2. Be clear from the very start

From the very beginning, make it a point to show to who you are and what you are selling. Don’t make it mysterious and keep the main point hidden for long. Being upfront in your videos is the best thing to get attention and leave an impact. Always state the intention in the first 30 seconds. It will be great if you can summarize the whole thing into a single introductory sentence.

3. Be genuine and personal

It is important to rule out things that conventional sales persons do; so unlike them, be genuine and give it a personal touch. Display yourself as someone the audiences can relate to in order to gain their trust. Make sure you don’t focus too much on yourself but on the prospect. Speak about technical and complex things in a simple, casual way so that it doesn’t look fabricated and is not perceived as a pure marketing/sales effort.

4. Use Storytelling

Those who use storytelling as a technique to pitch whatever they are selling turn out to be the best sellers. Examples and evidence make everything seem that much more plausible. Use as many examples as you can to establish a fact or the authenticity of a product or service you are offering.

5. Make it humorous

A little humor makes everything better. It is a good way to make your videos interesting enough to create sales engagement but the key is to not overdo or under-do it. Make sure that the humor being added makes sense and is not too casual or inappropriate to be a part of a video in business emails.

6. Be slow and concise

A lot of people tend to speak faster in front of the camera which makes it difficult for the viewers to grasp the message and understand the things being told. Ascertain you are not one of them!

Slow down the pace, make pauses, use simple words, and be expressive so that the viewers can easily comprehend the content and you present yourself as a confidant.

7. Wrap it up with a strong call-to-action

Before you finalize the video, make sure you have a strong CTA to end the video with. The CTA is not to be added for the sake of it; it actually has a strong impact and tells viewers what should be done next.  When the video is ending, announce your sales pitch and present the call-to-action.

These tips can enable you to create sales engagement and increase revenues if used correctly. Create a video using these techniques and see the difference in sales and revenue yourself!

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