The Importance of Sending Corporate 4th of July Ecards (U.S. Independence Day)

Make a Patriotic Gesture this year by Sending Independence Day E-cards for Business

Remembering your colleagues, clients and customers on holidays, celebrations and festivities with personalized greetings is a great way of sending across a message of solidarity and care. The U.S. Independence Day celebrated every year on the 4th of July is one of the best occasions to send personalized wishes, not just to your friends and family but also your business associates and contacts.

Digital 4th of July ecards are an innovative and cost effective way to communicate cordial feelings and commemorate the patriotic spirit with a personalized touch. On the other hand, sending 4th of July ecards also shows your commitment to freedom and values as a company, and enhances brand awareness as well as builds customer trust and loyalty.

Are you thinking of sharing the festivities of independence and patriotism with your clients and customers this year? 4th of July business e-cards can serve as one of the best resources out there for making your thought count.

Here is a quick glimpse through the history of the event and the icons and celebrations associated with the day that will help you select the right business 4th of July ecards for your contacts.

The History of Independence Day and Its Importance for US Citizens

Let’s take a trip down memory lane first! The US Independence Day celebrated on 4th of July commemorates the adoption of the official declaration of independence of the country. Formerly, the current states in America were called colonies and they were a under the reign of Great Britain. It was on July 4, 1776 that 13 of these colonies claimed their independence from Britain and thus the United States of America came into being.

Though the legal separation of these colonies was finalized on July 2, 1776, it was approved by the congress on July 4 and this was the date that was included in the declaration of Independence housed in the National Archives of Washington DC. Since then, 4th of July is celebrated as a national holiday throughout the United States, not only by its citizens but also by those who come to live the American dream upon its soil.

The Independence Day Icons – Hot dogs, Fireworks and Patriotism Etc.

The whole of America celebrates 4th of July with a variety of icons and special celebrations. 4th of July fireworks are the most prominent of them all, and a lot of rallies and parades are also held on the day which people attend clad in patriotic clothing, scarves and top hats. Many also enjoy pure American food such as hot dogs with their families and friends. It’s a festive celebration that everyone joins in and business 4th of July ecards add to the allure of it all!


Flag clothes




How Sending E-Cards Benefits Businesses and Why 4th Of July is a Great Day to Get In Touch!

Businesses around the globe are utilizing corporate ecards for staying in touch with their contacts and making a positive impression because of their versatile and creative approach. Cost effective, user friendly and interactive, business ecards are one of the best mediums to channel your emotions and communicate personally with your target audience, and Independence Day provides another great opportunity to achieve this.

Here are some of the perks of sending business greetings for Independence Day to your clients, customers and business contacts.

  • With Independence Day e-cards for business, you can build a rapport with your clients on a personal level
  • 4th of July ecards can also help improve Brand Loyalty, Customer Retention and trust in your business.
  • You can also use 4th of July ecards to promote your Offers and new services and Show your Customers that you Care
  • 4th of July business e-cards are also a more feasible choice for email marketing as most customers prefer interactive cards over random text emails cluttering their inboxes.

Looking For Something Unique? The Choices And Options Available Are Endless!

While corporate 4th of July ecards are rated as one of the top ways of connecting with the corporate fraternity, express greetings as well as remind them of your services; you can also use several other mediums to spread greetings and make a more lasting impact and positive connection with your customers.

  • Print Cards – Don’t want to reach out via the electronic medium? Printed cards are a great choice and can not only make the recipient more special but also make your brand stand out. Business contacts can put the cards on their tables or pin them on the boards while home customers can view the card at leisure when they are not online which makes your business more visible.
  • Gifts Baskets – Who doesn’t like to get a gift basket especially handpicked for them on a special day? Gift baskets not only give you a chance of sending greetings but you can also send your product prototypes or samples along with them to increase sales.
  • Independence Day Mementos – Make business greetings for Independence Day all the more special by sending special mementos specific to 4th of July that can also help in business branding and marketing.

Corporate 4th of July Ecards – Samples

Here are a couple sample Corporate 4th of July ecards for you to take a peek at.

Just click an image to view an ecard in a new window.





Example Independence Day Messages You Can Include In Your Business 4th of July Ecards

A liberal way of sending business greetings for Independence Day includes the addition of quotes or sayings. For example:

“For what avail the plough or sail, or land or life, if freedom fail?”-  Ralph Waldo Emerson

Happy Independence Day to You.

For formal messages on independence day e-cards for business,

“God Bless America – We be the People! Happy Independence Day”

is an appropriate option.

For more casual messages, ideas can be:

“Celebrate America – Celebrate freedom. Happy 4th of July!

Build Long And Promising Business Relationships With Corporate Independence Day Ecards!

The more you interact with your customers and make them feel special; the better will be your popularity and sales figures. The best thing about 4th of July business e-cards is that they can be sent to all your business contacts regardless of their culture and religious affiliations –something that is a miss on Easter and Christmas holidays. Also, being a patriotic holiday celebrated by everyone in America, you can employ tone that best suits your target clientele – formal, liberal or casual.

Make a lasting connection with your new and existing customers now! Send interactive, creative and imaginative 4th of July business e-cards for a lasting impression!

Are you thinking of sharing the festivities of independence and patriotism with your clients and customers this year?

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