Simple E-Card Ideas that Make a Powerful Impression on Clients

Running a successful business and an effective marketing strategy is all about connecting with clients in a way that leaves a positive and memorable impression on them. Both of these are very important to making sure that your brand is the number one thing they think of when looking for a good product or service.

Effectiveness of E-Cards in Marketing Your Brand

E-Cards for holidays and special occasions serve two main purposes of marketing. They are pleasant and memorable. No one is ever upset at getting a card on their birthday or the season’s greetings during the holidays.

Getting a card from your company would make your business stand out from other businesses that are not doing the same thing. Everyone loves being appreciated and wished well. It is much better than getting a marketing email or advertisement from business.

While a marketing email may get deleted without even being opened, an E-Card is more likely of getting read and remembered. E-Cards can make a strong impression on your customers in a number of ways.

Mix Business with Personal to Make an Impression


Not too long ago, businesses believed in keeping things strictly formal and professional with their clients. The approach was considered safe and removed any legal or reputational risks.

Many businesses continue to follow this model. It is argued that connecting in a personal way can make your business seem unprofessional.

However, we have many examples of businesses that have connected with their customers at a personal level and done it very successfully. When we look at retailers, professional services and social media platforms, we see that the greater personal connection a business makes with its clients, the more popular the brand gets with the public.

Most customers do not expect that a retailer would take interest in getting to know their name, let alone wishing them well during the holidays or happy birthday on their special day. Getting an E-Card from you would make them feel valued, both as a customer and as an individual.

Keep it Simple and Surprising

One of the keys to making a strong impression is to say more with less. We suggest keeping your message short and to the point but powerful and thought provoking.

Long-winded messages tend to lose their charm. They are difficult to remember and people usually find them boring.

One way to make your message memorable is by adding an element of surprise to it. Add something that your customers are not expecting, like a one-liner joke, a special musical tune or even a customized animation. These are sure to grab the recipient’s attention.

You get a lot of options for adding these elements when you choose to send an E-Card. The designers at Corporate Holiday E-Cards have a ton of basic design options with additional customizations based on your needs.

Sending an E-Card through Corporate Holidays is very easy. Simply select the card you want to send, choose the customization option you want to add and enter the recipient’s address and you are done.

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