Sending Holiday eCards To Clients: What to Do And What Not to Do

The latter half of the year is the time to be merry and productive. It is time to connect with your personal and professional contacts and strengthening the relationships.

This time of the year gives you ample of opportunities to reach out to your best clients and contacts, and people you hope to work with more. You jump on the chance to remind them how grateful you are for them and that you exist and give them reasons to think of you more often.

How would you convey that in a holiday eCard without being irritating, cheesy, or ending up in spam?

Holiday eCards have become a universally acceptable way of sending wishes to anyone, anywhere in just a few minutes. In nearly all industries, an eCard delivers a far more impactful message than a paper card or plain email would convey.  In addition, by adding a personalized touch to the eCards you send, you make the recipients feel like they are ‘one-in-a-million’.

Read on, for an overview of the dos and don’ts of sending holiday eCards to clients.

· Include a Personal Note


Adding a personal note to your holiday eCards is more of a necessity than a choice. Be sure you take out time and draft a nice personal message for your cards. You can mention the project you worked on with the recipient or a little anecdote from the previous year.

However, you have to be watchful when doing so. There is a fine line between adding a personal touch and being self-promotional. Make sure you stay on the line. This also saves your holiday eCard from being seen as spam or clutter.

Even a short note that says “I really enjoyed working with you on XYZ project this year” or “Have a great time in Chicago over the holidays”, and “Hope to work with you in 201X!” is enough to turn an e-card into a warm note that makes your client feel like they matter.

· Be Sure of the Reason You’re Sending the Holiday ECard For

Before you stress yourself out about sending cards to the 200 people you’ve interacted with this year, ask yourself about a good reason to do so. Send holiday eCards to clients you hope to work with more, to people that you converse with regularly, and to people that help your business work, or those you see as having potential opportunities for you.

And while you keep a check of the reason; make sure you stick to it. Don’t make your card seem like a pure marketing tactic when it is meant to develop a personal connection.

· As a Rule, Dodge Religious Content

An occasion is a nice opportunity to get in touch with your clients and partners, but just a reminder that not everyone celebrates the occasion you are taking as an opportunity to connect. Try to send holiday eCards on occasions that are not limited to a particular religion.

For instance, you can attempt to send cards with snow if it’s a winter occasion such as Christmas or with a picture of eggs and/or the sun if it’s Easter. Rather than saying “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Easter”, consider writing “Happy Holidays” to ensure that your holiday eCards don’t offend anyone unintentionally.

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