What Not to Do When Sending Business or Holiday eCards

Usually, when a year is half done, businesses start to prepare for numerous occasions that come as the year-end approaches such as Halloween, Christmas, and the New Years.

Most regard this custom as an essential part of their business etiquette, marketing activities, and professional relationship building.  For others, it might seem like a waste of time or money. Yet, sending out holiday eCards or business eCards can be very useful as long as it’s done effectively and appropriately.

Depending on their objectives, companies may choose to send eCards to clients, customers, business partners, investors, and employees.

The Tremendous Benefits of Holiday ECards

Sending holiday eCards to customers and clients is a great method to show that you care for them and value them. It also rings a bell about your business or services which serves the ‘marketing’ purpose for you. It is harmless to say that disseminating holiday eCards is a great method to retain clients, motivate your employees, and increase customer loyalty.

Holiday eCards have an even stronger impact when instead of attempting to market your business, you send out cards that are free of promotional motives and just express gratitude toward the clients for their continued support and trust in you. This indicates that you value their partnership.

Appreciating your employees has also become easier with the introduction of Business eCards. A personalized note demonstrates each employee matters to you and to the success of your business. They can likewise do wonders for boosting morale and creating a workplace with positive vibes and smiling faces.

However, you have to be extremely wary when you plan such an activity. A small error could make the recipients feel irritated or lose interest in you.

The Don’ts of Sending Holiday ECards

Be sure the holiday eCard you send works in favor of you and your business and not against it. Here are a few things you should NOT attempt when sending holiday/ business eCards.

· Last-Minute Purchases/Planning

Business eCards are not something you plan at the eleventh hour, design haphazardly, and send away. Do it beforehand to avoid major blunders.

· Negligence

The last thing you would want to be when sending eCards to your professional contacts is being negligent. Be detail-oriented; make sure you use the right particulars (names and email addresses) and send the card to the person’s office email address, not the personal ones (in case you have it).

· Untimely Greetings

If being sent for an occasion, ensure your holiday eCard is delivered in time. If it is received too late, it might not be that appreciated.

· Spelling/Grammatical Errors

Be sure the language, vocabulary, spellings, and grammar in the text you have included is correct. Nothing makes people more annoyed than seeing their names misspelled or some spelling/grammatical errors igniting their pet peeves.

· “Sale-sy” ECards

While some do prefer to add just a bit of promotional/marketing content in eCards, it is advisable to not add it. Sale-sy eCards fail to make the recipients feel special.

When used effectively, holiday eCards or business eCards can be a great method to connect with employees, business partners, and clients. Visit Corporate Holiday ECards and design your holiday eCards using the above-given tips. The results will surprise you!

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