The Art of Sending Your Business ECards

One of the key benefits of eCards over paper cards is that they can be distributed through email quickly and easily. At Corporate Holiday eCards, you get the templates with amazing designs and creative structure of business eCards you can send to your professional contacts.

This way, you are also not required to pass cards around the office for everyone to sign, address any envelopes, or stick on any stamps.

Now the question is how can you effectively send your eCards? Read on to find out!

How Your ECard Will Look in the Email

Your business eCards ought to be presented in a clear and elegant way in the email. You do this by dividing the eCard into two partitions, the image and message/personal note. The image link will be a large thumbnail of the first page of your design with a prominent ‘play’ arrow if the card is animated. You can also instead add a picture here representing your business or the client’s or the partnership between the two.

Additionally, following are two important tips you should take on to send your business eCards effectively.

  • Make sure you send a test email to yourself to assure that everything on the eCard
  • Make sure you write a message to go with the eCard and connect it to the link in your email. Some spam checks assess the words versus images ratio and so the absence of text could reduce the deliverability of your email and it will end up going to spam.

Recipients’ Email Addresses

The nature/quality of your recipients’ data will have a huge effect on the deliver-ability on your email containing the business eCards. Ascertain you use the updated information only and attentively choose which email address/domain you’d like to use to send the cards.

Keeping Your Business ECards from Going to the Spam/Junk Folder


The most important step you can take to minimize the danger of your business eCards falling into the span or junk folders is including a small-sized image link. Larger-sized connections violate the spam criteria of some email server rules and throw your emails into these folders.

Sending Your Business ECards

Over 80% of our clients select this choice which we emphatically recommend too. Sending your business eCards yourself make them more impactful and brings the best results.

Your contacts are habitual of receiving emails from you so there will be no or very little odds of your emails ending up in spam. When you use a different email address or get someone (your eCard platform) to do this task for you, there is a very chance of the email going to the inbox.

Besides, when you send your business eCards yourself, you have the chance to personalize the email wording/text as you like.

You will also receive the responses directly in your inbox and will be able to easily correspond further if needed.

Also remember that if you’re utilizing ‘bcc’ to send  business eCards to multiple recipients, there is a high chance the email system will mark it as spam and your email address may get blocked. It is thus recommended to send your eCards in little batches of around 20-30 addresses per email.

Do you take the time to ensure your e-cards are distributed the right way?

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