How to Select the Right E-Card to Send to Customers

Selecting the right seasonal greeting cards at your local store can be a tricky experience. Most of the time, it is a hit or miss proposition. While you may find something great that seems appropriate enough, it may fail to make an impression on the customer.

What is even worse is the time spent on browsing through the big selection of seasonal cards and not finding anything that seems even remotely worth sending to your clients. Even when you find a good card quickly, you would still need to fill it out, put a stamp on the envelope and post it in the mail.

It is no wonder that most businesses either don’t send greeting cards to their clients or fail to make an impression with what they do send. Many customer relations mangers simply pick up the first card that catches their eye without putting too much time and effort into the process.

Time Saving benefit of E-Cards

Browsing through aisles full of greeting cards is a time consuming activity. If you have dozens or even hundreds of major customers, we certainly don’t blame you for randomly picking up any card and sending it to customers.

However, there is an easier way now. E-Cards allow you to quickly browse through hundreds of card selections, fill in the message and send them to your customers with a few clicks, all in less than ten minutes. Not only do these cards make your customer relationship job easier, they make it fun as well given the variety of customization styles and animations to choose from.

Choosing the Right Card

The team at Corporate Holiday Cards has built a big library of seasonal cards that can be sent as easily as counting one, two and three. You are sure to find something amazing that is suitable for all holidays and occasions.

When selecting a card for your clients, make sure you pay attention to the following factors which can have a positive (or negative) effect on your customers.

How closely do you know the customer?

If you routinely interact with the customer or have a close partnership, you can send cards that are more personal. If you don’t interact too often or don’t know them very well, go with something more formal and professional.

Is the customer tech-savvy?

Most of the millennials are used to working with technology, email and mobile messaging. An animated E-Card with music works very well with them. The older generation may be less aware of technology and a good option would be to use a static card with photos or plenty of landscape.

Do they have a sense of humor?

Cards come in all varieties from the serious and professional to humorous ones with goofy message or artwork. If you know your customer well and they have a sense of humor, you can go with something funny. If the customer is more serious type or you don’t know them well, stick with something more professional.

For more great ideas on selecting the right card, browse through the collection at Corporate Holiday Cards and see if there is something that would click with your clients.

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