Retirement Ecards for Business: Congratulate Employees and Colleagues on their Retirement with Corporate Ecards for Retirement

As they retire, make your employees feel it was a pleasure working with them through employee retirement ecards

One of your most dedicated employee’s is retiring today! How do you feel?  Having mixed emotions? It’s natural. The retirement of a valued employee sparks mixed emotions. You feel happy and sad at the same time. You are excited as they enter a new phase of life and you feel sad about the prospect of losing those fun filled discussions and gossips.

Plan a Memorable Retirement Commemoration and Appreciate them for their Contribution and Loyalty

As your employee retires, you would want to make sure this time is one of the most memorable and exciting times of their life. Recognizing your employees with happy retirement ecards is a great way to appreciate your employees for their contributions and loyalty.

An employee’s retirement is a good time to share work memories and offer warm retirement wishes. Businesses around the world embrace the concept of employee recognition as they approach their retirement to make them feel special and valued. It is an opportunity for businesses to celebrate their employee’s past accomplishments as well as future endeavors.

As an employee retires, organizations plan celebrations and parties to make them feel valued and that they were a pleasure to work with.  Needless, to say, the secret to achieving success in today’s competitive business world is to provide value to all your stakeholders including your employees, your customers and your clients.

There are a number of ways to congratulate an employee on their richly deserved and long awaited retirement. These include;

  • Planning a retirement party for your Valued Employee
  • Planning a special retirement gift
  • Commemorating their work with Happy Retirement Ecards
  • Presenting an official service award
  • Planning a retirement event with company officials

Wish your Employees a Happy Retired Life with Heart touching Retirement Messages

Now is the time when Mondays mornings will feel like weekends! Wishing you a happy and fulfilling retirement!”

“As a chapter closes in your life and a new one starts for you may your years be filled with all the pleasant things you are looking forward to. Wishing you a happy retired life!”

“Congratulations and Best Wishes on your Retirement! Hope you find the time to relax and enjoy all the beautiful things in life. You deserve it!”

“It’s a time for a brand new chapter in your life. A chance to do all the things you have been putting off because you didn’t have the time. Dream large and explore new horizons. Start new hobbies, make new friends and enjoy quality time with your family. Happy retirement!”

Do not just let your valued employee fade away. Plan a memorable celebration for them – a celebration they can just tuck in their memory bags – memories they can cherish for the rest of their lives.

Does your company congratulate employees on their retirement by planning a celebration?

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