Responsive Design and E-Cards

Sending ecards to employees and all the other stakeholders of a business on a regular basis lets them know how much you value them and their role in the business. However, in order to leave the best impact of these ecards on the stakeholders, you need to make sure that you have the best responsive design possible. Here are a few advantages that a responsive design will have on the success of ecards:

1.    Responsive design will help enhance user experience

This is perhaps the most important benefit of having a responsive design on ecards. You should be able to enhance the user experience with your e cards, and since more and more of the people are now using the internet with their tablets and smartphones, they would want an E card that is mobile friendly. Additionally, responsive design will be able to automatically resize itself according to the screen size of a device. This means that it can easily be opened on all kinds of devices.

2.    Responsive E cards will load faster

A responsive design will definitely be easier and faster to load, no matter how heavy the file is. This is especially great if you have used many images in your greeting card. The users will be able to access it from anywhere and at any time and they would be able to enjoy the card even while they are lying in their bed. These days, people do not have a lot of patience when it comes to browsing through online content. When the content loads faster, there is a higher chance that people will actually view it.

3.    Responsive design will help make sure more users open your E card

A responsive design will allow more users to access your ecard without any hassle, which means that more people would be willing to open and read it. If you have decided to send ecards, then they should be such that they do not cause any trouble for the user since they will leave immediately otherwise. ecards are supposed to be read by everyone that they have been sent to, and if there is no responsive design, then there is no point to the ecards.

4.    Responsive E cards will only need to be made once

Since responsive ecards can open easily on all kinds of devices, they only need to be made once. This in turn saves costs and reduces the load of company servers. An adaptive design, on the other hand, has to be made to suit the screen size of each kind of device, and this means that multiple cards will then have to be made, one to view on the desktop, one for a tablet, and one for a smartphone.

A responsive design in ecards makes the whole card all the more appealing and with an enhanced user experience, it will be taken all the more seriously without compromising on costs.

Is responsive design important to you when sending e-cards to your clients?

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