Reasons to Use GIF Images in Email Marketing

Indeed, GIF images in email marketing are not something new but there are still so many businesses that are not using them!

They are missing out on a lot. Here’s why brands should include them as a part of their content marketing strategy.


Graphics Interchange Format or GIF images were introduced back in 1987 by Steve Wilhite of CompuServe. It is simply a new way to present a moving image. The world embraced this new, amazing marketing tool and even after 29 years, the concept is as good and effective.

Here’s why businesses and brand should use GIF images in email marketing.

Reasons Why You Should Use GIF Images

1. Easy to Use

GIF images easily grasp attention and they are super easy to use as well. Both the features work together to help brands achieve their buying targets by fulfilling the audience’s content needs.

As per Twitter, over 100 million GIF images were shared in 2015 through tweets and direct messages.

2. Appeal and Effectiveness

GIF images are very appealing and effective. They help brands to improve their messages using visual content. Studies show that only 20% of the text is likely to be remembered by the readers if there are no visuals included. This indicates how powerful are the graphics and other visuals, especially those that are not still.

GIF images in email marketing enable brands to align their efforts with the desired ROI. They provide the right kind of encouragement needed to compel the readers to listen to the brands’ messages and serve a good call-to-action.

3. Superiority

The impact of GIF images in email marketing is obviously superior to the impact that normal images deliver. Knowing this, more and more brands started to love and adapt to the idea of using GIF images in their content strategy, especially the emails. This method of marketing is impactful, easy, cheap, and expressive.

Numerous surveys predicted that around 84% of the communication by this year i.e. 2018 will be more visual than textual. This proved to be really accurate and for all the good reasons.

4. The Language

GIFs are an integral part of the internet culture. If brand don’t want to miss out on the hip and happening picture, it’s imperative that they keep up with the trends.

5. Mobile Friendliness

In this era, people are more inclined to use their mobile phones for almost everything. Everybody prefers to check emails on mobile and this is one reason you should use GIF images instead of other graphics because they are very mobile friendly.

GIF images are significantly smaller in size and are uploaded/loaded quicker as compared to videos. The auto loop also works to upturn the effectiveness of a brand’s message.

GIFs are now an important feature of all big social networks which sufficiently contribute to an increased exposure of any brand or business that may use them.

6. Reader Attention

Visual content increases the overall charm of your emails by taking into account the audience’s emotions. GIF images in email marketing create feelings that improve the odds of successfully delivering the message.

GIF images work just the same as instant messages do. They deliver the message clearly and instantly and that too within seconds.

7. Story Telling

No marketing technique can bring you the desired results if there is no storytelling. The art of storytelling is necessary in building a brand’s content strategy. It helps form a relationship with the readers in a more efficient, personal manner and GIF images play an important role in this.

Big brands such as Disney and Netflix use GIF images in email marketing to deliver their messages effectively while keeping the audience’s interest in mind. It is no surprise that Disney is the most popular brand on Tumblr and has the highest number of engaged admirers.

All thanks to GIF images! So what are you waiting for? Start using GIFs in your emails today!

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