Psychological Impact of Colors on the Corporate Business Cards

Choosing the right colors for your corporate business cards can be a complex and daunting task as you can’t just randomly choose your favorite color. Because your business serves a purpose, it is important that your corporate business cards reflect a powerful message to create a long lasting impression on potential customers. Nothing sends a clearer interpretation in the minds of customers about the seriousness of your business than the colors you choose to represent your brand.

Before reaching a final conclusion about the business cards for your company, you must understand that visual medium is the best way to attract an audience. Therefore, you should be mindful of the following factors:

  1. Colors tend to have an effect on the human psychology
  2. They send a subconscious message out to the world about your company
  3. Colors also play an important role in attracting your targeted audience


Color psychology dates back to as early as the 15th century and since then artists began to understand that colors actually tend to bring out predictable responses among humans. Wolfgang Von Goethe, a German artist and politician, in 1810 published a full-fledged book called “Theory of Colors” which is one of the most prominent works that explains the psychology of colors and the effect it has on human nature.

Colors strengthen your identity as a business and they send a subliminal message to the customers so choose wisely.


White and Gray

These shades are safe and standard colors for business cards. White depicts hope, purity, cleanliness and plainness and gray shows stability, maturity and authority. With both these colors, a vibrant logo will distinguish your business from the rest.


Black color represents sophistication, seriousness and power. Adding an elegant color like silver or gold adds more style to it. You can select other colors as well that send out the psychological message to the clients. But adding too many colors will reduce the seriousness so stick to one shade for printing.


Blue conveys a message of trustworthiness and confidence. So it is a perfect color for business cards of a psychologist, lawyer or financial counselor. The darker the shade, more professional and authoritative tone it has while the lighter hues have more room for creativity in them.


Red is the perfect color for a result-oriented and passionate company but it also depicts anger and revenge, so some companies tend to be satisfied with just a red logo to show zealousness.


Green business cards show affluence and suggest balance and security. It is associated with nature and healing which is why most healthcare businesses and charity organizations prefer green for their business cards.


The color shows optimism, creativity and innovation. Therefore, travel agencies, adventure companies, gym and restaurants use orange colors for business cards.


Yellow is an uplifting color. It conveys a message of warmth and friendliness. The color stimulates the mind, which makes the color perfect for entertainers, teachers and journalists.


The color depicts clarity of mind and communication. It tends to balance emotions and has a soothing effect. Water companies, teachers, and health clinics mostly prefer this color. Combined with pink, yellow or lavender, this color becomes perfect for beauticians and fashion industries.

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