Playing With Design – How Not To Disturb the Corporate Factor in an Ecard

When you’re designing an e-card, especially for your business partners or clients with whom you have a formal relationship, keeping the corporate politesse in place is of utmost importance. It goes without saying that the kind of E-cards you would usually send to more casual acquaintances, friends and relatives residing in far off countries is significantly different than what is required of a corporate one. While you have an open ground to play and experiment with elements while designing for causal requirements, there are certain limitations within which you have to stay while you plan to design a corporate ecard.

Go through the following basic parameters in order to keep the corporate factor intact in your E-cards.

Dig Into the Color Palettes


The most noticeable element in an E-card is the color, and it plays a huge role in deciding how the card is going to look in the end. The biggest mistake often made is letting go off entire color categories because of a perception that they do not seem fit for a corporate E-card. What you can instead do is to be open to all colors while choosing subtler and relatively understated shades of each color. This way, you won’t be limiting yourself in terms of color and will have more options to play with. For example, instead of only choosing grey, white, beige and other neutrals, be open to brighter colors as well while going for discreet shades of them. Doing this, the corporate factor won’t be disturbed while you get to experiment beyond safe options as well.

Use Sleek Design Elements

Making use of too curvaceous and shapely design elements kills the corporate sophistication; they are more suited to designing for events like weddings. For a corporate E-card to look like it, make use of design elements that have sleek and straight lines, geometrical forms and make the eye move smoothly all over the design. Minimalism is the best way to go about it. Too complicated and mish mashed design, apart from being inappropriate for corporate requirements, also vexes the onlooker. Therefore, make sure that your design is clear, has breathing space and all the elements are coherent in order to keep the corporate factor alive.

Use of Language

The kind of language, tone and expressions you use to convey the message in your corporate e-card significantly affects its impression on the receiver. Even if you want your card to be a light hearted one, you still have to make sure that it is done in such a manner that its general disposition as a “corporate” E-card is not disturbed. For this, do a little research on your part and for every word you are using, look for synonyms that sound relatively formal. For example, instead of “happy”, you could use “pleased”. There are no monumental changes that you have to do to keep up the corporate factor in an e-card. It’s these little changes like tone of language, colors and design elements that you have to adjust in order for the E-card to be a perfect representation of your corporate identity.

Do you ensure corporate politesse is in place when sending an e-card to your business partners or clients?

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