Personalized Business Greeting Cards for Every Occasion

Sending an E-Card to your business associates and customers is the perfect way to let them know that you care. It is a subtle reminder that they are in your thoughts and you are happy for their success or wish them the season’s greetings.

E-Cards Work for Every Occasion

The great thing about E-cards is that they can be sent for every occasion without seeming intrusive. You can send E-cards to customers for their personal occasions such as their birthdays, anniversaries and life achievements. You can also send them E-Cards to wish them religious holidays, national holidays or celebrate special days, like Mother’s day or Valentines etc.

The point of E-Cards for businesses is to speak to your customers without saying anything directly about your products or services. These cards can make your customers associate positive feelings and memories with your brand. It is a way of subtly marketing your products to the customers.

Personalization of E-Cards

The level of personalization offered by E-Cards is much better than you can get with physical cards. E-Cards are carefully designed to capture the essence of holiday spirits or special occasions. They can produce such a wonderful effect and awe the recipient in the same way a good movie or great music can.

E-Cards combine three main elements namely; the images, the message and the sound. Each of these can be customized to create a long lasting impression on the recipient.

The Images


The images and graphics are the two things that a recipient sees first and this is where your E-Card can make the most impact.

The images and graphics can be tailored to suit your needs. There are two main categories to choose from here.

Fist the image could be something natural, like a landscape, a Christmas tree, the photo of the customer etc. This is more authentic and can be useful if you’ve known the customer for some time. You can also strategically place your products or service with such images.

The second option is to go with hand drawn or computer generated images. These are very popular with the younger crowd and also offer the option to add animation.

The Sound

You can also customize the sounds and music that plays when the customer views the card. This could be a popular tune or a song that you know will click with the customer. You can even send a recorded message that makes your customer feel great.

The Message

The message is quite important and takes a bit of work to get it right. You don’t want to use something cliché that has been done to death. You also don’t want something obscure and out of the popular culture that flies right over the customer’s head. The key is to be original. Whether you choose to do it in a fun and light way, deep and inspirational or keep it simple is up to you.

The folks over at Corporate Holiday Cards have some great ideas and customized E-Cards that make the whole card sending process incredibly easy. Their E-Card service is specialized for B2B communication and subtle business marketing and great for businesses looking to connect with their customers.

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