Mistakes To Avoid When Sending A Corporate E Card

Business cards are a great way to send greetings to clients and employees and make sure they feel that they were remembered by the company on special occasions. There are many different types of corporate E cards. Some tend to be elegant with heartfelt messages while others are wittier and use cartoons in order to add some humor into the cards. However, no matter what type of card you decide to create, it is important to remember that you avoid the following mistakes:

1.    Inappropriate or offensive material

Having inappropriate or offensive material on the card is the worst thing that you can do. Make sure that if you are adding a picture of all the employees on the card, then everyone is looking decent and presentable. Therefore, if you see someone wearing casual attire with everyone else wearing formal clothes and you wanted to schedule a photo session for the E card, then you can always reschedule the session and inform everyone about it beforehand.

2.    Candid photos

In much the same way, you should also refrain from adding candid photos of the employees that you took while you were on your lunch break or having a casual chat. Not everyone looks their absolute best throughout the day and it is always best to give people time to get ready before taking a picture of them. It is also a great idea to let them know before taking their picture.

3.    Dull and boring holiday cards

Many companies make the mistake of sending the same card to their employees and clients every year, thereby making the whole tradition extremely boring and dull. Corporate holiday e cards should be fun to look at and are not entitled to following the same pattern year after year and you can definitely make changes to them as you deem feasible. You can make an intense and amazing statement this year by looking into new customizable and beautiful designs for your e cards and making sure that you add something different this time around.

4.    Aesthetics

Aesthetics play an important role when designing these e cards. Be sure to add something that will be liked by all the employees instead of making them angry. You can have a beautiful concept in place on the cover and even ask your employees for suggestions in case you are completely clueless in this regard. In most of the instances, the employees will be more than happy to share ideas with you.

If you want to make your employees happy with the E cards that you send them, then be sure to avoid these common mistakes and have a proper plan in place. It is always good to keep in mind the likes and dislikes of your employees and what they would prefer on the card. Also, remember that just because it is a corporate card, it does not mean that it has to be boring. Even a simple and elegant design can be highly appealing to the eye.

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