The Best Video Email Marketing Practices

Although adding videos to your emails directly is a clever technique, it does not always work. When going for video email marketing, it is smart to consider your goals before you hit the ‘tee’ shot. There will be times where video in emails will serve the purpose better than landing pages and vice versa.

The Best Practices

Here are some ideas on how you can align video email marketing to your goals and decide which technique will work best for you.

1. Informational or Branding Emails

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If the purpose of including videos in emails is to provide information or inflect a positive image of your brand, it is best you have the video play in the email only.

Suppose the email you are sending is a seasonal greeting or a welcome or thank you note. If your goal is to simply please the audiences, make them feel special, and think good of your business, a video that plays inside the email will be a pleasantly surprising treat.

2. ‘Call to Action’ Based Emails

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If there is a particular call to action you want to bring the audiences to, a landing page or your website will work better than running the video in emails.

You can add a call to action as a pop-up which appears as the video ends or simply place a ‘buy’ button next to the video or below it to push the viewers to buy. If you deem suitable, you can also place the CTA under the video.

3. Video Analytics


If you think video analytics are important for you, you should not add videos in emails directly. The videos you add in emails can’t be tracked for analytics. For this, the best way is to add a landing page or your website’s link to a graphic image in the email which redirects the viewers upon being clicked.

This is also a new trend in video email marketing and is very effective.

4. User Experience

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If user experience is all that you care about, the viewers must be sent to the landing pages or your website. When you think of sending user-friendly emails, remember, more people are inclined to checking emails on phone than on the computer.

So make your emails mobile-friendly! Since cell phones don’t usually support heavy content in emails, add a thumbnail of the video or again a graphic which is back-linked with a landing page or your website’s link where the video is present.

The users can click on the thumbnail/image and view the video on a separate page.

The Future of Video Email Marketing

While there is always some uncertainty when it comes to predicting the future of marketing trends, it is thought that all or most of the email platforms will start supporting inline videos, even in mobile phones.

However, it will take time for everyone to understand the value and importance of video email marketing and inline videos.  So all we can do is keep our fingers crossed and wait for the time to come!

Which Video Marketing Technique works best for you?

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