Keeping Your Corporate E-Cards Consistently Creative and Unique

Corporate E-cards are your means of keeping in touch with clients and business partners operating across borders and overseas. They are a way of communicating the fact that your relationships transcend beyond the firm boundaries of business related concerns only. A formal rendition of a greeting card, an e-card is often used as a means of remembering your business partners and peers on events and occasions that hold importance to them. The main concern that arises is that of creativity, in fact consistent creativity. It is usually perceived that E-cards are too mechanized and superficial and that there is a bar when it comes to creativity; meaning that there isn’t much that can be done in terms of design, which is not true.

There are a number of ways that you can keep blowing creativity and uniqueness into your E-cards. Given below are few of the ways you can ensure it the next time you find yourself in a fix.

Look For Elements


Whenever you are planning a corporate e-card meant for an occasion that holds historical importance, make sure to look for elements that define those occasions or events. Every occasion usually has a set of very distinct features associated to it which can very well be emulated into a formal card. This factor calls for a thorough research on your part before beginning to design an e-card. So if you wish to touch the right chord when designing an E-card to wish, let’s say Easter, to a business partner operating in another country, look for elements that are typically associated to Easter. It is not a difficult job as usually, there are quite a number of such associations that each occasion holds. Incorporating those elements is up to your own creative streak.

Explore Color Palettes


It is generally believed that there is only a limited set of colors that can be used while designing a corporate E-card; that of neutral shades only. This is a huge reason why e-cards often lose that unique element, all looking the same. When it comes to color, you can use absolutely any color, given that the shade or tone you choose is consistent with the requirement. It is not about what colors you use; it is about which shades or tones of that color you incorporate. Doing this will remove the barriers you place in terms of color usage; allowing for considerably more exploration, hence inculcating more creativity and uniqueness.

Keep Yourself Updated


The cornerstone of creativity is being alive to what’s happening all around in context of your work. As far as corporate E-cards are concerned, it is vital to know what kinds of trends are being followed around the world and all the diverse kinds of designs that are being explored. Doing this will expose you to more ideas and design dynamics, therefore triggering you own creative streak while you design. The lesser you are aware, the more enclosed you are in your own shell, which literally kills creativity and uniqueness. So, in order to keep these two factors consistently alive, stay updated as to what’s being followed around the world in terms of corporate E-card designs.


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