How to Communicate Goodwill through Business Ecards

Goodwill can simply be defined as the expression of kindness and friendliness. It is of eminent importance in business world where your reputation precedes you. Having a good position and being in the good books of clients and employees can help you a long way.

But how does one achieve that?

There are a number of ways to establish goodwill. You can let your services speak for you, or let your integrity and rapport make the noise; all would speak volumes for you. However, showing kindness and consideration through a few well though out personal gestures also help build goodwill.

One of the methods to communicate thoughtfulness is through e-cards. They are personalized, contemporary and communicate a kind gesture, all at the same time.


Though friendliness and warmth communicated in business relationships are more appreciated, people generally expect the professional dealing and relationships to be formal and rigid. This ice can be broken through conveying your warm side to the employees and customers from time to time.

This can be best done though business ecards. Employees usually receive bonuses on festivities and holidays. A small message in an e-card along with the bonus can give a personalized touch to the pay-off. It is human nature to value and appreciate thoughtful gestures, so rest assured that you employees will deem you high when you do that. Customers are hard to please at times as well – an e-card can do wonders here.

Personalized Message


It’s usually common, but not necessary, for an e-card to be sent only on festivities. You can be the caring employer and earn a bucket load of goodwill even by sending them personalized e-cards on small events and achievements of their life. For example, if an employee has been engaged, you can send an e-card with a thoughtful personalized message congratulating him or her – maybe even crack a joke to make it on the lighter side. Similarly, you can send an e-card to a customer who just made a great investment and congratulate them. Such small gestures go a long way in building a strong goodwill.

Customized to Preference

E-cards can not only convey your consideration towards the other party but can also speak about your morals and integrity at the same time. How is that possible? A customized e-card can do that by just adding a latent message, even as small as a picture or a logo about something you believe in. Taking eco-friendly lifestyle as an example, you can have your cards themed on that belief and circulate them among employees on Christmas. This will serve two purposes at the same time, conveying not only your consideration for them but also you concern about such a crucial matter.

Small gestures speak volumes when it comes to establishing goodwill, so try out this contemporary techno way of leaving a positive mark and see for yourself.

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