How to avoid your Corporate Ecards from Going into Spam

Cyber security in recent times has rapidly evolved from a stage of technical regulation to a well mapped notion. Today, cyber space is driven by a wide range of applications and devices that have made it susceptible to threats, from all kinds of users and hackers.  Personal communications, business ones, like sending business ecards via email, can be used as a disguise by a cyber threat.  Sometimes this can even cause legitimate messages to end up in spam or junk folders.

Ever noticed unsolicited, Unwanted Messages in your Inbox? It’s Spam

If you use email, it is likely that you have recently received a piece of spam which is an unsolicited electronic message that has been sent to you without your consent.  It can be thought of as a junk mail with all the luring ads and promotions from different companies rolled up into an infuriating electronic bundle. Often these messages contain attachments that the recipients are asked to open. Needless to say, the attachment may contain a mass mailing worm that can infect your entire system or data base.

If you have been using the internet for more than a few years, you must have received dozens of such messages especially if you participate in online discussion groups. Every day businesses are bombarded with hundreds of such messages and these junk mails make up a larger portion of the email messages sent on a daily basis.

Are your emails going to the Junk Folder? Want to protect your emails from Going into Spam?

While it is not an easy task to stop unwanted emails, spam filters offer a great way to keep your ‘inbox’ protected from infected mails. Over the period of years, spam filtering has made great advancements. However, spammers will always try to beat the filters. This trend should be expected to continue for the foreseeable future.

Perhaps the biggest challenge faced by business engaged in email marketing is making sure that your email hits the user’s inbox instead of just ending up in the junk folder. When the entire email marketing campaign of your business relies on whether your email is opened by the recipient or not, that means that the user needs to actually receive the email.

Preventing your emails from going into the junk folder is one of the most complicated tasks of email marketing. Following is a list of some tips to keep your ecards out of spam and make sure they get into your customer’s inbox.

1.    Your Message Spam Score – Do not Use Spammy Wordings if you want your ecards to end up in your Client’s Inbox

Whilst it is a good idea to send corporate ecards to your business clients to nurture your relationships, it is important for you to make sure that your client receives it. If it ends up in the spam folder, all your efforts will be wasted. However you need to remember that it is a good idea to send relevant and valuable emails to people who want to hear from you. This means those people who have subscribed to your list or customers you have an on-going business relationship with.

Secondly, if you use spammy wording or craft your message in a way that employs common spammer techniques, the spam score of your message will be high your message will be prevented from being sent. Spam scoring varies from server to server, so it is important to keep it simple and do not employ spammy tactics if you do not want people to delete your message without even looking at it.

2.    The Reputation of your Sending IP – Always send your ecards from a server with good reputation

In addition, if you send your ecards from a server that on a black list or has a low sending reputation, it will automatically affect the deliverability of your email message. This is a common problem for those on shared hosting plans or those who share their sending IP’s with others.

It is important that you do not just give away important information with anyone if you do not want your business to be affected by someone’s mal practices. Want to know how to send ecards safely to your business clients, use a reputable and trusted third party service for delivering ecards or your own dedicated server for sending business ecards.

3.    Maintain a Clean List- It’s Important

Another important thing to bear in mind when sending ecards is to maintain a clean list.  Clean lists have low bounce rates. Bounce rates are used to help IPs determine the quality of lists being sent to from an IP just like spam scores are used to determine the quality of a message. Sending to bad lists (or lists with high bounce rates) will create a poor sending reputation for your sending server’s IP address. Remove old email messages and email addresses of those who unsubscribe from your list. Email addresses that bounce twice should be removed immediately, if you want to maintain a clean list.

Keep these tips in mind and send corporate business ecards to your clients with full confidence.

Best of Luck!

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