Video Email Marketing – How Do You Get Them to ‘Click’

We already know the benefits of video email marketing.  We are also aware that adding videos in emails is not a difficult thing – the real challenge is to make your readers open the email and watch the videos till the end.

If you are wondering how to get people to click your email and videos in emails, fret not; we have a few tips to help you out!

Getting the readers to ‘Click’

Here is what you can do to push the readers to open your emails and watch the videos in them.

  • Even by writing the word ‘video’ in the subject line, you make your email really powerful. Research shows that the word ‘video’ in the subject line of emails increases the open rate of emails by 19%. To make it even better, use more ideas to couple the word ‘video’ with other catchy phrases or words to make the headline or subject line.
  • Make efforts to evade the spam folder. As per Convince and Convert, around 69% of the recipients categorize an email as junk or spam depending on the titles alone. To prevent this from happening to your emails, use a clear, precise, and catchy subject line and add the word ‘video’ if possible.
  • Create the ‘right’ video and share it the right way. Depending on the type of video you are including and the nature of recipients, you must know what content should be included. Each video you use for video email marketing will have its own strengths and weaknesses; make sure you review it thrice before you click ‘send’.
    The way you include videos in emails also makes a huge difference and if you are thinking how you should do that, see below.

The Alternative Approach

Adding videos directly to the emails is too mainstream now. While a lot of people prefer to hop on the bandwagon, it is better you do something different and find out new ways to include videos in emails. Here is a new one you try to include videos in emails. It only has two simple steps to make it impactful and keep the readers engaged for a relatively longer span of time.

  • Use the right thumbnails. Make sure everything on the thumbnail is in accordance with the theme of the video. Some emailing platforms allow customizing the play button and progress bars according to the video; if yours does too, grab the opportunity.
  • Instead of including full videos in emails, include graphics to which the actual video is linked. This will enable you to increase the time people spend reading your email and visiting the website i.e. the landing page. Make sure the landing page is specific and doesn’t redirect users to a page (such as homepage) where they have to look for the video all over.

Benefits of the Alternative Approach

1. More Control

You have more control over the user’s experience because of the inclusion of a separate landing page. In addition, the users get to visit your website this way which they normally resist to do.  They might also be compelled to explore other things on the website.

2. Improved Analytics

The CRM tools or your email autorepsonder allow you to track certain things such as open and click rates. By including a landing page, you guide the users to a separate page and can use Google Analytics and other tools to calculate the ROI.

The Last Word

Just like every other marketing effort, video email marketing works best when the whole marketing plan is designed to accommodate this technique. Before you start using videos in emails, take a look at your current ROI and work out a property strategy, and then yield the benefits of video email marketing.

When you know what you want precisely, video email marketing will work wonders for your business.

Do you take the right approach to compel your readers to open your email and watch the video?

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