From Announcements to Greetings – How Corporate E-cards Help Your Business

Business holiday E-cards enjoy many benefits over their traditionally printed counterparts. From being environment-friendly to being cost-effective, corporate E-cards have really revolutionized the marketing and customer outreach platforms in the commercial arena. Read on to find out some of the ways corporate E-cards can help a business develop.

E-cards make it easy to target clients

If you really want to make your customers feel one in a million, take it as a rule of thumb to send greetings E-cards to them, according to their individual occasions and preferences. What sets E-cards apart is that it is easy to aim them at different clients. Businesses can greatly benefit from the diversity and exclusivity offered by E-cards, but they should avoid sending the same card to all their clients, because of their different tastes and preferences.

While sending E-cards, make use of advanced targeting software that allows senders to arrange business mailing lists into different groups and individuals, and ensures that your company maintains cordial relationships by sending out greeting cards pertinent to their personal tastes.

An Eco-Friendly Reputation

In this digital and greener age, businesses that adapt their commercial practices to technological advancements and environment-friendly methods are embraced better in their target market. A business’s reputation in the eyes of its peers functions as its most essential asset and establishes a benchmark for other companies to look up to. Sending out E-cards instead of traditional print card earns a business the reputation of being a forward thinker and showcases its considerate thinking towards the community and environment.

Track the impact of your campaign with E-cards

Most corporate E-cards are designed using HTML5 and Flash. Their web-based characteristic enables senders to track statistics using analytics technologies and determine the effectiveness of their customer outreach campaign. When businesses use digital marketing software to send their E-cards, they can get access to important statistical about their readership figures. The measurable metrics and invaluable feedback associated with E-cards are not as easily obtained with traditional print cards.

E-Cards are great for Business Relationship Building

In addition to sending business-to-business holiday greetings, companies can use E-cards to induce many other B2B related marketing initiatives. Corporate E-cards offer an excellent medium to reactivate a latent B2B relationship and re-establish contact with other businesses that you may have been out of touch with.

Business E-cards can also serve as a potential opportunity to direct traffic to your product line. Senders incorporate links to their company portfolio, or latest products. Their digital nature makes it possible to measure the reader’s interaction with the E-card and prove beneficial in narrowing the focus down to the most interested clients and potent businesses.

Informal Recognition for your Employees’ Hard Work

An E-card can also be used as a form of informal recognition, internal communication and motivation exercise for company employees. Business E-cards can particularly be instrumental in delivering important announcements, feedback, and greetings in a visually appealing manner. Whether it is appreciation for hard work, an announcement for promotion, work anniversaries, birthday ecards, farewells or retirements, employee E-cards are an entertaining and memorable way to keep the workforce engaged and motivated.

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