How Businesses Today Are Using Corporate Ecards

A Personalized E-Card Lets You Make a Personal Connection with Your Customers

In the business world, it is never too late to start off things on a positive note. Digital greetings go a long way in building customer loyalty, communicating with your audience and creating brand awareness. Creative, innovative and cost-effective, more and more businesses are switching to corporate ecards to woo their clients and take their company’s branding and marketing strategy to the next level.

Enter Corporate Ecards – The Creative Way of Greeting Customers!

Various business ecard trends are in vogue today – from static designs, animated themes to video ecards. These corporate ecards can be customized and sent out in bulk on specific occasions as Christmas Ecards or New Year Ecards or to celebrate the various milestones achieved by the business. A lot of corporate ecards are customer centric and are used for thanking the customers or on their birthdays etc.

Whatever the theme and style of the ecard – the main idea behind them stays the same – interacting with the customer on a more personal level and making them feel special!

Kick Start Your Marketing Campaign with a Wish!

Corporate ecards are a great way to boost your brand’s marketing strategy in an innovative and eye-catchy avatar! With a personalized message, you are actually showing your customer that you value them which always results in positive response. Plus, special corporate ecards are a small reminder about your services, your newest offers and latest discounts and bring in more sales and ultimately more business for you in the future.

To Improve Customer Retention

With a festive spirit and personal feel, business ecard trends mostly surround commemorating special occasions and increase customer retention exponentially. But they can also serve the dual purpose of publicizing your services and increasing sales. Instead of sending a plain email that fails to make an impact and most likely ends up in the spam folder, a custom designed business ecard with a personal message and name catches the reader’s attention in the very first glance! A lot of businesses use these corporate ecards to work two ways – wishing your customers plus letting them know more about your business and offers. Contact details and business logo in a corporate ecard also increase the traffic on your website and works great for long term online marketing.

To Show that You Care

With customized corporate ecards, you can stay in touch with both new and old clients and increase chances of getting repeat orders and referrals. Today, people are more interested in working with brands that seem more ‘human’, and personalized corporate ecards sent on birthdays, anniversaries and celebrations help you achieve just that with a smile!

To Keep Budget and Innovation in Check!

Compared to traditional print ecards, ecards are much more convenient, affordable and quick to send. With no hassle of postage, envelopes or waste, ecards are a greener and more feasible option of greeting your customers and improving your business. Add to it the various business ecard trends out there, you can always find something that fits in your budget and works best in fueling your marketing campaign!

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