Holiday E-Cards to Show Your Employees That You Care

Employees play a very important role in any business. They are the human capital of a company and every business works hard to ensure that their employees are happy and motivated.

Employees who believe in a business and motivated to perform better allow a company to outperform rivals and grow at a faster pace. According to experts, one of the best qualities for a good manager or leader is his or her ability to motivate people and get great performance out of them.

Motivating Employees

While it sounds easy to do in theory, motivating employees is actually quite tricky and difficult in practice. Each of us is unique and every one reacts differently to varying incentives and motivational tools.

Some people prefer monetary rewards and bonuses. Others are motivated by a better work-life balance. Some employee may want a greater challenge that allows them to push themselves harder.

However, one thing that always affects employee behavior positively is appreciation from the management and other colleagues. This could be done through a well-delivered complement, a pat on the back or a holiday greetings card that makes them feel remembered and appreciated during the occasion.

Holiday E-Cards for Employees

HR specialists agree that it is always a good idea to send your employees an appropriate holiday greetings for occasions like Christmas or Thanksgiving. It is an effective way to let them know that you value their relationship with the company and respect these people as individuals.

Moreover, surveys have also shown that recipients are more likely to associate and do business with a firm that has the culture of sending holiday greeting cards to customers, employees and business associates.

Sending the season’s greetings to employees is a customary role that falls upon managers every year. By doing it right, managers can significantly boost employee spirits, motivation and loyalty to the company.

Personalizing Your E-Cards

E-Cards offer a lot more flexibility and customization options than regular greetings cards. Not only can you write something inspirational for your employees, you can use animation to draw attention to the message as well. You can customize the card with employee photos, record a voice message and even sing them a little Christmas carol to keep things light and fun.

An E-Card lets you recount a memory from the past in audio, detailing some specific achievement of your employee.  For instance, you can remind them of the great work they put in during a difficult time for the business where their efforts really made a difference.

You can also let your employees know how much you’ve seen them grow and improve over the year. A comparison of employee performance at the start and end of the year would show them how they’ve learned while working for the company.

You can also motivate your employees by letting them know how their role affects the business as a whole.  People feel good when they know they are needed.  So use the E-card to let them know just how much they mean for your team’s overall performance.

For more inspirational ideas, have a look at some of the holiday E-Cards hosted at Business Holiday Cards, and see if you find something that make your employees feel special.

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