Happy New Year E-cards for Business are a Great Way to Kick Start your Marketing Efforts

New Year’s is an occasion that everyone recognizes. In North America, it is a time for a fresh start, or to focus on new goals and resolutions. There are many traditions surrounding New Year’s as well, including a kiss at the stroke of midnight, fireworks and singing Auld Lang Syne.  While these New Year’s wishes and traditions are typically embraced by the general public, they also present a marketing opportunity for businesses to send New Year’s e-cards to their customers.

Businesses around the globe can take advantage of the marketing opportunity New Year’s presents.  North Americans aren’t the only ones to mark New Year’s; the Chinese New Year, which usually occurs a little later in the year, is a time of luck, feasting and holidays. Red envelopes with cash are gifted to friends and family members. In Italy, church bells will peal; and the Swiss will beat drums to welcome in the New Year.

As a marketing channel, New Year’s e-cards are great. E-cards that wish warm New Year’s greetings are perfect for keeping in touch with current, new or old clients; it is a small reminder to customers that you are still in business, and can be used to provide or update recipients of your new services or products. By sending a customer an e-card, you are letting them know they are valued as a client; you can also offer repeat clients a discount off of further services, which will entice them to purchase more from you in the future.

E-cards are becoming more and more prominent in the business marketplace, as they are easy to send, and are much less expensive and time consuming than traditional mail outs. There are no envelopes to stuff, postage is unnecessary and a client list is all you need to get started. For those interested in preserving the environment, e-cards are much greener as well, as there are no cards to toss out at the end of the day.

Sending New Year’s e-cards for businesses is one of the best ways to begin your marketing efforts for the new year and beyond.

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