Win over your Business Clients with Happy Easter Corporate Ecards!

Build a better relationship with your clients by offering them a little something extra they might not expect!

It goes without saying that in the business world, it is never too early or too late to begin things on a positive note, if you really want to. Digital Easter greetings and Happy Easter business ecards go a long way in communicating your message with a personalized touch, building customer trust and loyalty, and brand awareness.

Innovative, creative and cost effective, more and more businesses are switching to corporate ecards in order to attract their clients and take the marketing and branding strategy of their business to the next level. Corporate holiday ecards are a great way of sharing cordial wishes, getting back in touch with your business contacts and remembering your customers in joyous moments.

Are you sending Corporate Easter Ecards to your Clients this Easter? If not, you should be!

Corporate Happy Easter Cards – a Creative Way to Greet your Clients

Corporate ecards such as Happy Easter Ecards, are a great way to boost your brand’s marketing and branding strategy in an innovative, creative and attractive avatar! With a personalized message, you are actually showing your customer that you value them which always results in a positive response.

Make an impact – Promote your Offers and Show your Customers that you Care

In addition, special corporate ecards such as corporate Happy Easter ecards are a subtle way of reminding your customers about your offerings, your newest offers and latest discounts, boost your sales figures and bring in more business for you in the future. Additionally, they are a great way to stay on top of mind with your existing and new prospects.

Improving Brand Loyalty, Customer Retention and Trust

With a cheerful and joyous spirit and personal touch added to it, the trends in corporate Easter ecards mostly revolve around the idea of memorizing your customers on special occasions and make them feel valued. However, these can also serve the dual purpose of advertising your offerings and boost your sales figures.

But instead of just sending through a plain, unattractive and plain email that is destined to end up in a spam folder, a custom designed corporate ecard with a personalized message and your business logo has the power to grasp attention with a zap!

It goes without saying customers like to feel valued. The warm feeling that you care for them, value their opinions help you gain their trust and loyalty.

Build a Strong Relationship with your Clients and build a rapport with them on a personal level

Sending Easter Ecards to your clients is a subtle yet very effective way to promote your offerings and express your heartiest gratitude for their past business.

Corporate holiday ecards are a much more convenient, quick and affordable way of greeting your customers this Easter in contrast to traditional print cards, help you build a rapport with your clients on a personal level and boost your business.

Corporate Happy Easter Ecards – Samples

Here are a couple sample Corporate Happy Easter ecards for you to take a peek at.

Just click an image to view an ecard in a new window.

Happy Easter Ecard for Business

Corporate Easter Ecard

Corporate Easter Messages – Using the Power of Words to Make your Customers Feel Special!

Here are a few sample Corporate Easter messages and formal greeting messages that are exchanged to greet people on the day of Easter.

Easter promises a new spirit of life in each of us. Let us reunite and celebrate this festival with excitement and joy. Happy Easter to you!”

Let the festival of Easter bring prosperity and goodness in your lives. Let us pray and implore Jesus Christ for the rising growth. Wishing you a joyous and blissful Easter

I would like to take this opportunity to wish you peace, love and happiness. Happy Easter!”

The History of Easter

The history of Easter unveils deep rooted and rich associations between the Christian faith and the apparently unrelated practices of the early Pagan religions. Easter originally evolved from a Pagan celebration called Eastre.

Perhaps one of the most important of the Christian holidays Easter is a feast that celebrates the connection of Christ from the dead – this resurrection is celebrated around the vernal equinox which historically is a time for Pagan celebrations that concurs with the arrival of spring and represents the arrival of light and the stirring of life around us.

Easter is named after a Saxon goddess known by the name of Eastre or Oestre – the goddess of the spring and the dawn. Ostra was the goddess of fertility. Bringing brighter and slightly longer days after the vernal equinox, Ostra had a zeal for new life. The presence of the goddess was felt in the birth of babies, and the rabbit was her sacred animal (the rabbit is known for its tendency for rapid reproduction).

Easter Icons- Easter Eggs, Easter Bunny, Hot Cross buns, Lamb and Dove

Of all the symbols that are associated with Easter, the egg is the most identifiable. Conventionally, Easter eggs were painted with vibrant and bright colors that represented spring and were presented as Easter gifts or used in Easter –egg rolling contests. However, different cultures have developed different patterns of using eggs in their celebrations. For instance, in Greece, Crimson colored eggs are exchanged to honor the blood of Christ, whereas in Italy, eggs are used to prepare a broth based Easter soup.

The second most popular Easter symbol, the Easter bunny is well known for its fertility and represents the birth of new life during spring. These symbols, the dawn that arrives with the resurrection of life, and spring celebrations are meant to remind us of the need of renewal in our lives and are gracefully interwoven in our lives.

The exchange of cards like Easter cards, both print card and ecard versions, is one of the most popular and well known and widely acknowledged traditions in the US

Enhance your Business relationships with personalized Easter Ecards

Sending Easter Ecards to your clients especially during the holiday season is perhaps the most powerful marketing tool that is available to you.  It is perhaps the most effective and quick way of keeping your business fresh in the minds of your customers whilst conveying to them the significance of their patronage with you. Taking those extra moments to remember your business clients at some of the busiest yet the most festive times of the year lets them know they are worth the extras and that you value them.


“If you do not look after your customers, somebody else will.”

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