Going Green with Corporate E-cards

Owing to the increased awareness about eco-friendly and greener practices, many customers now prefer businesses that adapt environment friendly methods in their commercial and marketing practices. To keep up with customer preferences and environment friendly processes, many companies are now making a move toward using corporate ecards as a result of their disguised “eco-friendliness”.

Many corporate E-card dealers use this as a unique selling point to convince businesses to choose E-cards over conventional print cards. Considering it may be tough to argue against that proposition, many companies take it as a huge ‘aye’ when deciding on their customer outreach and season greetings campaigns. The reason stays simple: Business E-cards, in contrast to their traditional print counterparts, not only save a company’s expenditure on raw materials and production resources, but also provides a strong foothold and ‘low carbon footprint’ reputation to the company.

From using paper to ink products, and envelopes to stamps, print greeting cards can be a considerable investment for medium to large scale businesses that cater to hundreds, or even thousands, of clients, making it financially impossible to send a card out to every customer. On the other hand, the amount of paper that goes into producing such a bulk translates into large-scale deforestation.

The environmental impact that the print card industry imposes is certainly not negligible. Statistics suggest that the over 10 billion print greeting cards are produced each year, becoming a prime contributor to massive deforestation of thousands of trees. This in turn reduces the counterbalance of CO2 emissions and triggers the depletion of the ozone layer.

Print card enthusiasts argue that a digital greeting does not carry the same feel as its hard-copy equivalent, which they can touch, smell and relate with. However, it would be worthwhile to consider the aftermath of both types of greeting cards. While a business E-card will always rest in a recipient’s inbox and stay safe to be revisited, a print card is more likely to either get lost or get thrown into the bun, adding to the already over-dumped landfills. This vicious cycle of waste even encompasses the fuel emissions from the delivery vans responsible for print card delivery.

With a zero use of paper products, through the production process to the final product, corporate E-cards certainly emerge a winner in the paper vs. digital competition and give a business the competitive edge with their environmental aspect. Companies can proudly use E-cards to reach out to their customers and establish amicable bonds alongside promoting their green practices and sense of social responsibility.

Once your business decides to make a move to business E-cards for a “not-too-salesy” marketing plan, strike the right chord with your clientele by directly stating your mission to encourage waste prevention and environment friendly measures across your commercial practices. This would not only serve as excellent PR exercise, but also present a soft image of your business entity.

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