Holiday eCards: Festive Design Tips for Your Clients

The end of the year is a time to express gratitude for your clients, partners, and all the external customers for being such an integral part of your growth and progress.

The best way you can do so is sending personalized holiday eCards to them. Bespoke holiday eCards demonstrate how you value the business relationships you have and make the recipients feel special and valued. To make sure your clients feel appreciated with the eCards you send, you need to go by a few tips to design them.

What/Who Should you Consider

Before you begin to design holiday eCards, make sure you keep the following factors in mind:

·       Recipients

Consider making a different holiday greeting for each client based on the nature of their business and/or their relationship with you. You can even consider sending “thank you” eCards to the clients you value the most.

·       Purpose

The purpose of sending a holiday eCard is not to sell or promote your business, products, or services but to remind the clients or partners that they are important. Stick to the reason!

·       Reputation

When sending a holiday greeting, you must not forget to remain true to your mission and values. A holiday eCard is one of the easiest emails you’ll send all year; ensure the message is sincere and that it’s reflective of your image.

·       Timing

A holiday eCard is supposed to be sent at the right time. Delayed or untimely wishes will nullify the purpose and the impact both.

Design Tips for Holiday ECards

1.    Keep It Short

The best holiday eCards are ones that are straightforward. All things considered, these cards use a simple single-module layout. It is best to include a single image paired with easy-to-read text.

2.    Be Inclusive

Holiday eCards ought to be as inclusive as possible.  Numerous emails use the phrases “Season’s Greetings” or “Merry Holidays” instead of utilizing occasion-specific designs/text. Be creative with themes, but be inclusive.

3.    Personalize  

We do spot holiday eCards that include funny phrases, satire, or witty wordplay. Sure, you can do that; but make sure you don’t overdo it. Once more, keeping holiday eCards for clients simple and readable is the most important thing. Most ECards use a single-module design with just a header statement.

4.    Skip or Minimize Promotions

Promotions or advertisements are things nobody would want to see in a holiday eCard. A holiday greeting isn’t supposed to have a nudge about your latest sale, deal, or new products/services. Your eCards should be professional with a personal touch.

Meaning they should be decent but should give an impression that it was designed to strengthen the relationship and show that you value your clients, no other motive was behind it. They should NOT brag about or sell your products/services.

Business Holiday eCards lets you send holiday eCards to clients that are specifically designed for them by you. You can create a whole new card or choose from thousands of beautiful templates. Visit the website now and let your creative juices flow!

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