Evoke Nostalgia with Pop-Up E-Cards

“Remembrance of things of past is not necessarily the remembrance of things as they were” – Marcel Proust

Nostalgia is the state of mind that happens to take you on a beautiful trip down memory lane. Beautiful or not, that is subjective to the types of memories one has associated with something, but certainly there are associations beyond logical reasoning.

It is the sentimentality for one’s past that has an affinity with certain objects, imagery, fragrances or taste which carries a person’s cognitive process on a sojourn to the halcyon times of the yesteryears. And how can we forget the amazing use of nostalgia by marketers that evokes one of the most sentimental parts of their audience’s memories and make them follow their message which resonates deep in their heads.

Greeting cards are not left out in this regard either, as they have a strong association with many individuals and of course those who cease to let go of the junk – something their families might refer to- which is actually the treasured past that is saved in the form of spilled ink, old books’ smell, dimmed shimmer of glitters, rugged edges of pictures and the beautiful notes in the greeting cards.

Most of us would happen to remember the effect pop-up story books had on us, we actually insisted on buying them instead of the plain ones thinking this would enhance the story in some magical way. Like we’d be able to move through the tunnel with Alice towards her wonderland -or go to the ball with Cinderella under the beautiful starlit sky with golden coach-out-of-a-pumpkin.

Imagination actually knows no bounds and that is how greeting cards could play along- with sentiments of course. Most of us valued the high priced pop-up cards we received and sent to the closest of friends and associates.


How about reliving the past the same way? Or almost in the similar manner in the world of digitalization and technological advancement where replacement of old school ideas and crafts have been a practice over time through access to much of it online. The novel ideas need no boundaries to be exercised within, the pop-up e-cards know how to touch the chords of your heart to take you towards the time you valued so much. The emotional appeal these pop up e-cards carry is tremendous and for sure takes you down the track of a golden past, a memorable abode, a cherished treasure of reminiscence that longs to be kept closer to the heart for as long as you can.

Be it a birthday of an employee, retirement, Christmas or thanksgiving greetings, seasonal greetings, or a thank you note- it could very well be added to sentiments with the help of opting for pop-up ecards instead. That sends across the message of the memories one has lived and collected over time- to share the similar sentiments and help relate to them. This makes sure to a certain extent that the e-card sent by you is not only received, but has also made an impact with a smile and stare in the space.

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