Embedding Videos in Emails

If you have been using videos as a part of your marketing activities, you already know how powerful they are. Research shows that people tend to stay on a page with video three times more than they would on a page without a video. This has compelled big businesses to use videos in emails as well to have the recipient stay on and check the email thoroughly.

When big businesses can use video email marketing, why can’t you as the owner or a marketing specialist of an SME? In fact, everyone can and should because it’s cheap, less-demanding, and powerful.

Here’s how you do it!

Why Embed Videos in Emails

Videos that are nicely crafted capture attention and imagination instantly in a manner that text and images can’t. Videos in emails allow the readers to experience things and imitate face to face interactions.  Most people would rather watch videos than go through extensive paragraphs or see plain images.

Making the Ideal Videos for Emails
  • Keep it short – and sweet and precise of course! Video email marketing is not about including one-hour presentations that you have.
  • Align with your current video email marketing This will enable you to measure the particular impact of videos in emails on your ROI and decide what changes you need.
  • Make it a ‘viral’ material. Although you can never guarantee any post or video going viral but there are obviously certain features in them that make these things go viral; they are precise and convey the message in an entertaining way.
  • Use a sharp ‘call to action’ but do so smartly. Know your audience, know what will interest them, and include it in your call to action. You must tell them what to do once they have watched the video.

How to Embed a Video in Email

Follow the two steps given below to make things more interesting and have the readers stay on the page for long and build the reputation of your business.

1. Create a Strong Image

Start with creating a video thumbnail. Make sure the thumbnail represents the key scenes or point of the video, sets crystal-clear expectations, and provokes the readers to hit ‘play’.

Research shows that thumbnails that represent the video better are more likely to be clicked. Your email autoresponder may also allow creating these images in the dashboard. For example, MailChimp has tags for video merging that use thumbnails from videos available on the online platforms they support. Starting from the play button to the progress bar, everything resembles the video visually.

2. Link Your Video to the Graphics

Once the thumbnail is done and placed in the email, link it to your video i.e. the page your video is available on. Test the link several times before you shoot the email. Make sure there is a specific landing page and not the ‘home page’ of a website that is linked where readers have to look for the video.

With this, you are all set to embed videos in emails successfully. If the above-given steps and techniques are correctly used, video email marketing will change the game completely for you.

Do you already use video in emails to keep your audience informed of new products, news and events?

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