Ecard Vendor Review Series:

We got an email a few weeks ago from the people over at that they were going to be launching their ecard service for business in the near future.  A couple of days ago, we peeked in to take a look.

At first glance, we see that they’re still in the process of building out their site.  Really, we only see a single page and, at this time and at the time of writing this, they don’t have any contact information listed yet.  Their site is a very nice and slick responsive website that works great on mobile.  The graphics are eye-catching and the layout flows very nicely.  So, where are the ecards?

After reading through their content, it became clear that is a marketplace for other ecard vendors.  Currently, they only have two vendors listed.  We suspect more vendors will be added in the future.

Something helpful they appear to do is only promote ecard products from vendors that adhere to some strict criteria.  For example, you’ll only find corporate holiday ecards that are mobile-friendly; work in email and online; have no sending limits; plus a few other key requirements.  This will be great for helping people seeking corporate holiday ecardsThey do all the leg work by eliminating vendors who don’t cover the core features most people require.  This will make it easier and take the worry out of getting the best business ecard from a highly qualified ecard vendor.

We’ll be sure to keep an eye on as they continue to develop their website and keep our readers posted on any noteworthy changes and offerings.

Do you think an “ecard marketplace” will help businesses make a better decision in selecting a qualified e-card vendor?

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