E-Card Vendor Review Series: Katies Cards

When searching the terms “corporate holiday e-cards” in Google, Katies Cards is one of the top results that you will come across. Upon visiting Katies Cards, the web site looks like a personal e-card only portal. But click on the “Company Christmas ECards” heading, and you’ll discover that they have a fledging business e-card section that is quite different from the rest of their site. At first glance, the business e-card section looks clean, colorful, and well-designed, instilling confidence in their ability to produce professional products. The site is also easy to navigate and clear in its information, pricing, and breakdown of the products.

As for the products, Katies Cards offers four types: static, animated, and custom e-cards (including what they call custom ‘Ecard Microsites’). The static e-cards have nice, colorful graphics and contain what you’d expect from holiday e-cards – trees, ornaments, snowflakes and the like. It’s an inexpensive (starting at $115 USD), simple product for businesses that just want to include an image in the body of the e-mails that they send out. The animated e-cards, however, are where Katies Cards really shines. Starting at around $600, this line is classy, artistic and beautifully animated. They’re the kind of e-cards that can really grab the attention of your colleagues, employees or clients. The animated e-cards are of the cartoonish variety, but they are refined and entertaining – not the typical cheesy cartoon offering that you may come across on some vendor’s sites.

Katies Cards also offers custom made e-cards that start at around $930. Their speciality appears to be animated game e-cards, which allow recipients to play a holiday or company-themed video game. These products are popular because they allow you to engage the recipient and have them interact with your message and branding. Also in the custom realm, the vendor’s newest product, Ecard Microsites, are definitely an intriguing idea. With prices starting at around $3,000, the vendor will produce a specialized website that allows you and your employees to create and send your own customized e-cards to any intended recipient. The site gives everyone the choice of e-card style, and allows for customization of the e-cards text. This is a great idea if you want to give those in your company increased freedom of expression and personalization.

All-in-all, Katies Cards is a great choice for businesses looking for a well-designed, professional marketing solution for the holidays. The prices are in the mid-to-high range, but from the exceptional examples on their site, you definitely get what you pay for. They are a solid option for businesses looking to grab attention with colorful graphics, engage with games, and entertain their employees, clients, or colleagues during the holiday season.

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