E-Card Vendor Review Series: Ekarda

Ekarda is a vendor whose sole purpose is producing pre-made e-card solutions specifically for businesses. Specially, Ekarda specializes in static, or single image e-cards. At first glance, you’ll notice that they have a beautifully designed web site, with a nice, clean user interface. Along with the stylish design, the website is extremely easy to navigate and find the information that you’re looking for. This inviting presentation and nice designs made for a pleasurable experience while testing out the products and services that Ekarda has to offer.

As mentioned, Ekarda offers only static e-cards. This means that the e-card is a single image, and contains no animation, video or sound. This type of e-card is perfect for the business user that wants to send their e-card out within the body of the e-mail message. The static e-cards that Ekarda provides are nicely designed, clean, and easy to read: exactly what you want in such a marketing and communication product. But while the products excel in clarity, some may find that overall, their e-card offerings are a little on the “cartoonish” side. While their e-cards are template based, they also provide a custom e-card design service.

Ekarda services include E-mail Delivery, subscriptions, and a free trial. The free trial was easy to sign-up for and allowed us to send a test e-card to try things out. The test went smoothly, and a colorful e-card was send to out inboxes in little time. Ekarda sells their e-cards using a credit-based subscription service. This means that a company can set-up an account, purchase blocks of credits, and have multiple users send out e-cards whenever they need to. The pricing of the credits depend on how many credits are purchased, and thus, how many e-cards they can buy. At the base, 1 credit costs $1USD and will purchased 1 e-card, and the cost per e-card decreases with more credits that are purchased (example: purchase over 1000 credits, and the price per e-card drops to $0.60). This can prove to be very cost effective, especially if your company will be sending out a large number of e-cards. What’s especially great about Ekarda’s service is that they offer e-mail delivery included in the base credit price, using their own mass e-mailing web application. The application allows a user to upload e-mail addresses, create subscriber lists, and schedule deliveries. It’s an intuitive one-stop solution that makes it simple for employees to delivery their individual e-cards.

Overall, we found Ekarda to be a solid vendor that provides cost effective business e-cards solutions. Their website and online services are well laid-out and easy to navigate, and their subscription service makes it simple for multiple employees to send e-cards to their own recipients. If you don’t mind the often cartoonish designs, this vendor is good choice for a company that want to give access to multiple users, and send static e-cards within the body of e-mail messages.

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