E-Card Vendor Review Series: BusinessHolidayEcards.com

Back in July, we came across a new business holiday e-card vendor.  At the time, their page was a ‘Coming Soon’ page with a just brief description of their offering.  Last we checked a few days ago, we noticed that they had launched their site and thought we’d take some time to review their offerings and squeeze them into our review series.

In this next part of our Business E-card Vendor Review Series, we’ll look at BusinessHolidayEcards.com.

Upon first visiting the site, we were impressed on many levels.  The site was well organized; we loved the colors; it was easy to navigate and didn’t spam the pages with unnecessary keyword stuffed content.   Most surprising (and welcomed) was the fact that the site was completely responsive.  In fact, we reviewed it entirely from an iPhone – samples and all.

BusinessHolidayEcards.com e-cards are templates that a business can customize by way of logo, text, photos and links (both website and social).  The colors used in the e-card templates can’t be changed.  After seeing them, it makes sense why you can’t.  In our opinion, why would you want to.  They just work.  The wood frames and white plastic looking frames they use to border their e-cards look great.  The backgrounds they use are top-notch and really make the e-cards pop!  That’s a very nice change from so many other companies that just stick the e-card on a page with a black background.  The page the e-card is on is part of the e-card and should be designed as such.  This company got it right in our opinion.

As I noted earlier, we reviewed this entire site on an iPhone – samples and all.  They claim their e-cards work on both desktop and mobile devices.  We did conduct some separate tests after the review and concluded this to be true – at least from our tests.   For desktop browsers, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, IE 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and even 11 all worked.  For mobile, iOS 4.3.2 and above worked.  iOS 7 hasn’t been tested yet.  It looks like for older browsers (like IE6, 7, and 8), they use Flash, but for newer ones, they use HTML5.

From their site, it looks like they charge just $390 for an e-card and that includes e-card hosting for up to 5000 recipients.  Most businesses send to less than 5000 recipients and it looks like they are targeting smaller businesses with their products to start out.  They don’t include email delivery, but offer it for $60 plus nominal delivery fees (like $15 or even no fees in some cases).

All in all, we’re excited to see this new business e-card vendor enter the market.  At their price point (too low in our opinion), we’re sure it will stir up the pot in the industry.  When you’re looking for corporate holiday e-cards, be sure to check out BusinessHolidayEcards.com.

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