E-Card Vendor Review: Propoint Graphics

Next in our series of e-card vendor reviews, we take a look at Propoint Graphics. Propoint Graphics is a one-stop shop site that offers many digital graphics products, with professional e-cards falling under their ‘Motion Graphics’ sector. Their website is nicely designed, clean and easy to navigate. These are all hallmarks of smart design, and give you confidence in Propoint’s ability to produce quality corporate e-card products.

Propoint offers two e-card products, Custom Flash Holiday Cards and Semi-Custom Flash Cards. The Custom Flash Holiday Cards allow for custom designs and animation, music, and a 20 second runtime. The Semi-Custom e-cards include music, insertion of your logo, and a custom message in designated places. These Semi-Custom e-cards offer a choice of 9 templates – all of the winter holiday variety – and range from the serene winter scene to cartoony snowmen at play. Although Propoint doesn’t advertise them as such, the e-cards on their site are in video format. This is a preferred format for many, as it allows for high compatibility across a large number or devices and platforms.

On their site, Propoint doesn’t make mention of e-card hosting nor delivery services for their e-cards.

Aesthetics-wise, the Semi-Custom Cards are beautifully designed, with a modern look and great use of colors. They have twelve templates available in the semi-custom range. One critique of the Propoint site is that pricing for their products is not listed anywhere. So if you would like to see the cost for your company to create a semi-custom or custom e-card, Propoint states that you should call them or fill out an online request form for a quote. We e-mailed them for a quote, and simply received a reply e-mail informing us to call for further pricing information. Not very convenient to say the least. Despite their hard to locate prices, Propoint does offer nice products that can add value to your business’ holiday marketing strategy. If you can find the prices to see how much that value is worth to you, well, that’s another story.

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