E-Card Vendor Review: Ojolie

In the next part of our series reviewing business e-card vendors, we’ll look at Ojolie.com. Ojolie is one of the top search results on Google when querying “corporate holiday e-cards”. Upon visiting their site, you’ll notice that they cater to both the home consumer and business market. Click on the “Corporate Cards” menu heading, and you’ll be taken directly to their business-oriented products.

Ojolie’s main corporate e-card products are Flash-based templates, meaning they’re customizable, can be produced quickly, and will work well with those viewing the e-cards on PCs and some mobile platforms. Unfortunately, they will not play on Apple iOS based products. Ojolie has 16 different business e-card templates to choose from, allowing you to add your logo, greeting message, and website link for your business. The templates mainly consist of animated scenes and stories, either holiday themed or with more general use themes. The prices for the templates start at $500 for up to 2000 recipients, and increase to $750 for up to 5000, and $1000 for over 5000. This includes e-card hosting, but if you need e-mail delivery, Ojolie doesn’t provide it. So you’ll either have to use a third-party vendor, or your own e-mail solution.

We found the design and animation of Ojolie’s e-cards to have a winning formula – they’re whimsical and touching, yet classy, life-like and original. A favorite around here was their “Jazz & Glitter” template, which has lively, shimmering animation and music that is sure to grab your audience’s intention. However, despite the great animation ideas and often solid execution, Ojolie’s corporate e-cards falter in their integration of the customization aspects. The customizations don’t seem to change the e-card much at all, resulting in poor branding on the product, and they mix poorly with the pre-set animations. For example, both the logo and text that the customer provides are simply static and stand in contrast to the animation, rather than integrating with them. Beside the customization aspects, another critique is that some of the templates have very basic animation that only last a few seconds, such as found in the template entitled “JOY”. This poor integration of customization aspects make it hard to recommend spending hundreds of dollars on Ojolie’s products for the purpose of marketing your brand. But if you are someone who values eye-catching animation and entertainment over promoting your brand, they can still be a solid bet for your e-card needs.

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